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The Key To Finding Balance In Your Life, According To Your Birth Order


In order to find balance, you need to release people who aren’t good for you. You need to be more selective about who is allowed in your social circle because the wrong people are going to bring you down and cause you additional stress. They are going to pressure you into making decisions that go against what your heart really wants. They are going to make you feel unbalanced and unloved. Even though it’s difficult to say goodbye to people you have a long history with, it’s necessary if you want to find balance in your life.

Only Child

In order to find balance, make a commitment to learning more. You are already knowledgeable — but there’s always more to learn. Don’t assume you have everything figured out. Read new books. Try new restaurants. Experience new places and new hobbies. Don’t rigidly stick to your schedule even if it feels like it’s working for you. Every once in a while, take a risk and try something you’ve never tried before. You could learn more about yourself and this world in the process.

Oldest Child

In order to find balance, you need to reflect. You’re a go-getter, so you spend most of your time rushing from one activity to the next. You rarely give yourself the opportunity to slow down and relax. Even when you’re having a ‘lazy day’ you will stare at a screen. You aren’t giving yourself enough time to sit with your thoughts. To think about what you really want from this world. Ask yourself what brings you happiness and what brings you stress. You can journal about this or simply think about it while you’re relaxing in bed or the bath — but make sure you set aside time for it in some way.

Middle Child

In order to find balance, practice the art of saying noYou don’t want to make too many commitments at once and end up burning yourself out. Be more selective about the favors you agree to complete, the people you choose to help out. You don’t owe anyone your time, so turn them down when you aren’t interested in being there or have other things taking up your schedule. When you’re too focused on what everyone else needs, you forget to check in with yourself and ask what you need. So start spending less time on them and more on you.

Youngest Child

In order to find balance, you need to reduce outside noise. Spend less time scrolling through social media — or at least delete (or mute) accounts that are making you feel bad about yourself. You should also spend less time with people who leave you feeling drained and insecure after every interaction. Basically, make sure that you aren’t intentionally interacting with people and places that are having a negative impact on you. Your surroundings will heavily impact you, so be careful about who and what you’re putting your energy toward. Be more selective with your time.

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