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The Healing Wisdom Every Zodiac Needs To Hear This Monday

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Sometimes things from your perspective just don’t make sense.

And sometimes they never will.

But maybe things don’t always need to make sense, maybe closure doesn’t need to be found in every situation.

Maybe the point of all the pain is to strengthen your trust muscle, to develop an unwavering faith in the unknown. To know that through life’s most trying circumstances, there is something bigger, something all-knowing, to grasp onto

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Please remember, there is divine order in all things.

And even when things don’t make sense to you, that doesn’t mean there is no sense in it at all.

x Déjà Rae, Come Home to Yourself x


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We can’t change people.

But we can love them in a way that helps them grow. And sometimes that means letting go.

x Déjà Rae, Come Home to Yourself x


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People love you.

People want to be around you. People see your light and are inspired by it. When you leave the room, they talk about how lovely you are.

Strangers notice your beauty; they feel attracted to your aura. People want to hear your ideas; they want to explore your mind. People want to be your friend. They want to be close to you.

They want you in their life.

Even if no one has told you lately, trust me, people love you.

x Déjà Rae, Come Home to Yourself x


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But once you finally let go and surrender to the depths of loneliness, you will discover what’s been lingering inside of you.

You will begin to see who you truly are—who you’ve always been. Life will become boundless and vibrant; you will start unpacking your desires and dreams.

And you will begin to understand that the love you craved was never in the hands of another human—it was always inside of you, patiently waiting for you to come home.

x Déjà Rae, Come Home to Yourself x


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Things usually happen the way they’re supposed to.

Oftentimes, rejection is redirection, closed doors are protecting you from what’s lurking around the corner. Plans fall through because better things are coming in. The wrong people pass by because the right ones are moving closer.

Adopting this mindset will set you free. It will liberate you from living in the past and rescue you from ruminating over all the things that didn’t happen the way you hoped they would.

Remember my friend; things usually happen exactly the way they’re supposed to.

x Déjà Rae, Come Home to Yourself x


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The energy you surround yourself with, the people you allow access to you, and the environments that you linger in will indefinitely determine the way you experience and perceive life.

It is your responsibility to constantly evaluate whether your surroundings are inspiring you to become a better person or requiring you to dim your light.

x Déjà Rae, Come Home to Yourself x


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Don’t ever be embarrassed about the love you give.

Don’t ever be ashamed of saying too much, for feeling too deeply, for being the one that cares more. There is no braver endeavor than giving affection. There is no stronger pursuit than showing passion.

x Déjà Rae, Come Home to Yourself x


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Life becomes easier when you stop taking things so personally.

Stop overthinking everything. Stop trying to figure out why they didn’t respond, or why they don’t love you, or why you’ve been alone for so long. You will exhaust yourself trying to find answers that you may simply never know.

Let it go, friend. Let it all go. Let it roll off you like a beautiful summer day. Let life flow through you. Let experiences flow to you. Allow people to gently pass in and out of your life.

Life is far too short to take everything so personally.

x Déjà Rae, Come Home to Yourself x


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No matter how far you are, no matter how much time has gone by, and no matter how much distance is in between, they can surely feel your love.

Love is boundless and abundant there is no barrier that can restrict the flow of love from one human to another.

Rest assured that your love is never put to waste.

x Déjà Rae, Come Home to Yourself x


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You deserve a consistent love.

You deserve a love that chooses you every day. You deserve a love that is sure, a love that is steady, a love that is soft in all its forms. You deserve a love that sees you at your best and meets you at your worst.

You deserve a peaceful love, a playful love, a love that prioritizes you through every season of life.

x Déjà Rae, Come Home to Yourself x


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Learn to love the simple things.

Learn to love hot tea and morning walks – the farmer’s market and freshly cut fruit. Learn to love slow Sundays and empty weekends – new books and clean sheets. Learn to love trying new foods and seeing new faces. Learn to enjoy pointless small talk — as these are still moments of connection.

Learn to love silence, to love stillness.

Learn to love in the absence, in the spaces in between.

We often fixate on what love could be — rather than what love is. But love isn’t waiting for us in the future — it’s here and it’s now. You must look for it, you must acknowledge its presence in life’s crevices and monotonies. Stop anticipating its arrival — observe what you already have and learn to find love in it.

Love is not a situation — it’s a mindset.

x Déjà Rae, Come Home to Yourself x


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Have an open heart and then let it be broken. Open it once more and let it shatter all over again.

Don’t you see? The only thing holding you back is your fear of heartbreak. So what if they leave you? You will still have yourself. And what if they break your heart? You’ve gone through it before, you can surely get through it again.

Once you’ve made a home in yourself, you stop fearing love because you have accepted its potential demise. You know well enough that not all good things will last forever.

You no longer allow someone’s exit to erase you.

Love is both beautiful and painful.

It is miraculous and monstrous.

If you wish to experience it at its greatest capacity, you must accept its duality.

x Déjà Rae, Come Home to Yourself x

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