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The Gentle Reminder You Need On 11/28/23, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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You need to slow down and be gentle with yourself. You’ve been dealing with so much for so long and you need to give yourself some time to do nothing. I hope someday you see yourself the way I see you because you are the strongest person I know and deserve the most beautiful life. Don’t apologize for struggling. You’re okay. It’s all been a lot. Love you so much.

Jacqueline Whitney, All That You Deserve

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Don’t ever be embarrassed about the love you give. Don’t ever be ashamed of saying too much, for feeling too deeply, for being the one that cares more. There is no braver endeavor than giving affection. There is no stronger pursuit than showing passion.

Déjà Rae, Come Home To Yourself,

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The courage with which you enter today will become the fate that you meet tomorrow. Will you continue to replay the memories of yesterday, or will you meet the moment and make the most of what is in front of you now?

Brianna Wiest, The Pivot Year

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How they make you feel says a lot about them and nothing about you. Trust me when I say someone who makes you question if you are worthy of being loved is not worthy of being loved by you.

Bianca Sparacino, The Strength In Our Scars

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Happiness is not having the best of everything, but the ability to make the best of anything. Happiness is knowing you are doing what you can with what you were given.

Brianna Wiest, The Pivot Year

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Even if you don’t feel content where you are, I am so proud of you for being where you are. You have overcome more than so many people know. Maybe there was a time you didn’t think you would make it, but here you are. You made it and you will continue to make it. You deserve to live the life you want to live, not the life others expect you to live. You deserve to be proud of the person you are and love the life you are living.

Jacqueline Whitney, All That You Deserve

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What you’ve been holding onto is holding you back. Let it go. Be the kind of person you’ve always known you could be. That vision you had of yourself was to confirm who you are, not confuse you. Grow to learn the difference between pressure and problems. Grow to learn the difference between breaking and breaking through. There comes a time in your life when you gotta decide to step your entire life up. Good enough just won’t cut it anymore. There is a call on your life, a purpose for your existence. Act like it.

Nakeia Homer, All The Right Pieces

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Validation from others will never satisfy your soul the way you need–only you can give yourself the fulfillment you need.

Jacqueline Whitney, Stay Until Tomorrow

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It’s important to remember that things won’t always go the way you want them to, and while you may not have any control over the outcome, you can control how you react to it.

Charlotte Freeman, Everything You’ll Ever Need You Can Find Within Yourself

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You are not healing for anyone other than yourself. Not to get someone back. Not to show someone what they’re missing. Not to prove anything to anybody. You are healing for you. So you can finally feel some serenity in your life. So you free up room to savor everything this world has to offer. So you can be present in your own glory. You are healing to access the part of you that can love again, exist again, smile again. You are healing for you. So that you may never again give your best to someone who doesn’t want good for you. So that you know better than to hand out love to every single person except yourself. You are healing so that the next time you walk through the dark, you will have faith that you’ll catch the light again.

Parm K.C., You Will Feel Whole Again

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What do you want your most ordinary days to look like? That’s your true dream, and you should pursue it. Chase what’s right for the person you are now, knowing you are still free to choose something else for the person you will one day become.

Brianna Wiest, Ceremony

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Good things are abundant. Good feelings are abundant. Happiness is infinite, the beauty of this world is boundless and endless. The moment you begin to perceive everything good in life as perpetual, the less fearful you are of letting go of the things that are no longer serving you.

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