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The First Week Of November Is Likely To Be Long For These Two Signs

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We’re sorry to tell you this, but astrologer ZodiacHelps has surveyed the heavens: here are the two astrological signs that are the least lucky for the week of November 5 to 12, 2023.

Be careful, when we say “the less fortunate”, everything is relative. Please note that the cosmic weather is rather mild at this time, even the least fortunate do not have a catastrophic horoscope. Libra season is in full swing and more or less caresses everyone. Cajoling is the specialty of the sign representing harmony and good manners. Inevitably, the first week of November has its luckiest signs. But even if you are not one of the little darlings of the stars, this week, the ZodiacHelps horoscope is here to remind you that, in the sky, nothing is fatalistic or eternal. A flop this week, a top next: we believe it.

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Horoscope: Annoyances Are To Be Expected For This Sign

It’s simple, when we are in Libra season, Air signs shine. For Earth signs, it’s a different story. The worldly atmosphere of Libra and its world championship in rounding angles does not appeal to everyone. This is the case for Capricorns who really want to sulk until Scorpio season (“that at least is a serious season”). Especially since Mercury passes into Libra this week: the planet of communication leaves the mathematical exactness of Virgo to adorn itself with more roundness and charm… in short, no more superfluous, in the eyes of Capricorn. “With Mercury upsetting people’s minds, stay calm and don’t expect a miracle from those who don’t have your talent to get straight to the point,” advises Jean-Yves Espié.

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Conversations may seem unnecessarily long and superficial, you will be tempted to lose patience and remind everyone that “saying is good, doing is better”. But Mercury in Libra teaches you to draw on your sense of repartee to get what you want and to network elsewhere than in your usual circles. Hold on, because the astrologer is clear: Venus arrives in Virgo on November 9 and promises to give you a helping hand. In the meantime, “play on your charm by smoothing out the angles with humor and lightness when situations get tough,” recommends ZodiacHelps. But yes, you know how to do it. When you want.

Horoscope: This Sign Is Worried This Week

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If you find that Earth signs look dull when the Sun flirts with an Air sign, it’s because you haven’t yet taken a look at Water signs. When reason prevails over intuition and the head over the heart, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are lost. Finally, the instinctive Pisces even more than their comrades. Because, this week, Venus (relationships) is preparing to settle down in the constellation Virgo: the opposite sign of Pisces. We are rational and pragmatic about our relationships and we ask the angry questions no matter what. The gentle Pisces will have the feeling that there is discord in his sentimental and friendly life, or worse: that someone is trying to harm him. Even if that’s not actually the case. Neptune retrograde in Pisces blurs the lines by opposing the beautiful Venus.

As a result, Pisces feels his self-confidence waver and his anxieties of abandonment take over. Jean-Yves Espié advises Pisces: “Don’t let your imagination create unfounded worries and trust yourself to resolve your worries with ease. » The superpower of Pisces? Let go and step back. Qualities that will be very useful to you this week, to avoid seeing everything from a catastrophic angle. Especially since, the astrologer reminds us, that Jupiter (luck) is on your side. We resume our breaststroke quietly and we don’t forget to take our heads out of the water regularly to breathe, Pisces.

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