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The Date Every Zodiac Should Go On This April

Aries season is a time to act spontaneous and adventurous. So make sure you take your partner on a date that will get their adrenaline pumping this month. Here is the date each zodiac should go on this April:


Try indoor rock climbing. It might be too cold out right now to go hiking through trails, but you can have fun indoors. Try indoor rock climbing to give yourself a good workout and have fun while you’re doing it.


Go roller skating. You can either find a rink that plays fun music while you skate around or you can visit a local park and create your own path. Either way, it’ll get you moving and grooving.


Go ziplining. You’ll get to spend some time out in nature while getting your adrenaline pumping. You can even take some fun pictures and videos as you’re whooshing through the trees.


Go indoor skydiving. It’s less risky than actual skydiving but you’ll still get a thrill out of it. You’ll still feel like your living life to its fullest.


Since you love to challenge yourself intellectually, visiting an escape room is the way to go. It’ll help you bond with your partner and learn the best ways to communicate in order to be the most efficient, which will help throughout the relationship.


Sign up for a pickleball tournament. Pickleball is all the rage lately, so see if you can find a spot to play with your partner. You can either challenge them to a game or play alongside them. It’s a perfect double date activity!


Take a cooking class. This way, you’re learning a valuable skill together that you can use throughout the relationship. Plus, you’re working on your team building skills. You’ll be even stronger as a couple once you learn how to communicate and cooperate properly.


Go axe throwing. Instead of going bowling for the millionth time, get a drink and throw some axes. It’s a fun new way to spend your weekend with your partner or with a group of couple friends.


Visit the archery range. Channel your inner Katniss as you pick up a bow and arrow. You can turn this into a fun competition with your partner.


Go dancing. Or, if being surrounded by sweaty strangers isn’t your style, create a playlist just for you and your person, then dance to it in your own living room. It’s a good excuse to get close to your partner and have some fun.


Visit an amusement park. Nothing will get your blood pumping faster than a roller coaster. And if you’re feeling extra competitive this Aries season, you can try your hand at the carnival games too. See if you can win your person a special prize.


Go horseback riding. The only thing better than spending time in nature is spending time with animals. That’s why you should take your date horseback riding through a scenic area. You can even finish the evening off with a picnic.

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