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The Current Story Chapter Of Your Life, According To A Tarot Reader & Astrologer

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Your Card: The Hanged Man

Whenever I see The Hanged Man in a reading, it reminds me of The Beatles’ song “The Fool on The Hill.” The song is about a lonely old man who sits alone on the hill, contemplating life as the people around him judge The Fool. “But nobody wants to know him. They can see that he’s just a fool.” What the people don’t know is that from his vantage point upon the hill, The Fool sees what the rest of us are missing. That is where you are right now, Aries. You are The Fool upon the hill, and right now, you are being called to suspend all actions and try to see the world from a new perspective. Block out the noise. Even though everyone wants what they think is best for you, they will never truly understand your perspective.

You must learn to look at life in a different way. Don’t think you are not capable of finding the right answer. After all that you’ve been through, you of all signs know that karma has your back as long as you continue through this journey with integrity of all else. Despite what they say, nice guys don’t finish last. Keep your heart in the right place, tune out, and trust yourself. There’s no reason for you to make any decisions right now. Instead, take this opportunity for a little self-care time. Practice glamour and allow yourself to meditate before deciding how you wish to progress forward. You might be The Fool on the hill, but you’re certainly no fool. “He never listens to them. He knows that they’re the fools.”

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Your Card: The Hermit

You’ve gone a bit MIA there, haven’t you, Taurus? I think you’re doing all the right things. Sometimes our need to retreat and follow our train of thought is a necessary right of passage. You received The Hermit card, and so you find yourself reassessing life and understanding the truth behind why the universe works the way that it does. Perhaps your recent series of misfortunate events is the result of all the bad karma you put out into the world. While I do believe in self-care and prioritizing your needs first, sometimes you trick yourself into thinking you’re “speaking your truth” when in reality, you’re acting selfishly. It’s a thin line to walk—keep this thought in mind as you reflect, Taurus.

Give it some time. We only have so much control over our environment, but we do have some control over how we react. Though it may feel like the world has become too much, rest assured that just over this horizon is a new cycle. Things will unfold as they should. I think you’ll find that everything is connected and this all comes down to your headspace.

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Your Card: Justice

Gemini, I feel like you’re experiencing turmoil with a loved one you hold close. You received the Justice card, which tells me you’ve undergone some positive transformations in your own personal quest, yet find yourself frustrated that the people around you can’t keep up. Perhaps this is in regard to a romantic or close platonic partnership. If this is in regards to someone in your life you’ve met fairly recently (say within the past two years), the two of you are realizing that those small cracks in the foundation that didn’t seem important before, are starting to turn into resentment. Regardless of who this person is, it is clear that the honeymoon phase has come to an end and now you must decide if these flaws are something that you can tolerate.

The Justice card asks you to balance both intuition and logic. You have a tendency to drift towards superficiality, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Remember that no one is perfect, including you. We are all victims of the human condition. Suspend judgment and instead play a little devil’s advocate. Step into the shoes of others and truly empathize with their perspective. Not everything that affects you is about you. If your best friend isn’t texting you back, perhaps they’re experiencing their own inner turmoil. If a partner is getting defensive, perhaps it’s because they feel emotionally overwhelmed and need some time to process their thoughts. Show patience and understanding towards others and they will do the same towards you. Justice asks you to simmer your emotions so you can better hear your thoughts and act with fairness. In the end, this will lead to better communication and stronger bonds with loved ones.

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Your Card: Temperance

In case you didn’t know, Cancer, you’re in a really great place right now. Take a breath. You received Temperance, which asks you to embrace this newfound inner peace and sense of self-satisfaction that you’re experiencing. Temperance reminds me of the book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coehlo, as this card depicts an angel pouring water between two cups, portraying the alchemy of life. One of my favorite lines from the book is “Don’t give into your fears. If you do, you won’t be able to talk to your heart.” With that said, life is simply a mind game. In order to succeed, you must contort your thinking and engage in mental gymnastics to strike a balance between emotions and logic. Maintain your inner peace because it will shape your world in positive ways. Have patience, find balance, and trust the process.

I don’t think this will be too challenging for you, considering your level of emotional intelligence. You’re particularly good at translating your subconscious and understanding the motivations behind your own emotions. With that said, use this skill to help you stay grounded and maintain this state of flow. When faced with a challenge, don’t suppress your emotions, but also don’t be ruled by them.

Each of us has a purpose in this life. Remember what your purpose is, Cancer. Don’t lose sight of your calling. Trust it. Believe in it. As said by The Alchemist, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”

Never let go of hope, even as life tries to strip your innocence away.

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Your Card: The Magician

You received the Magician, which is either a good thing or a bad thing—this all comes down to you. Your confidence and boldness is a powerful trait of yours in manifestation, but this is only the first step. Just as The Magician has all the tools he needs to succeed, so do you. Leo, will you choose to take advantage of the tools the universe has granted you in your quest? I get the sense that what’s been holding you back, Leo, is sorta related to this idea of “manifestation”. A common misconception is that by telling people what we expect out of life, then our goals will magically manifest into reality. Don’t be naive, though. Nobody is going to hand your hopes and desires over on a silver platter. As much work as you’ve already put in, you have a long long way to go.

I don’t mean to discourage you. Rather, look forward to the journey that lies ahead. There is so much adventure and excitement that lies ahead in your quest. “As above, so below.” That is the main takeaway from The Magician. Just know that no matter where you find yourself in your quest, the universe will always be there conspiring to see you win. You just have to take advantage of the opportunities.

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Your Card: The World

I kinda get the sense that you, Virgo, are at a point where you realize it’s time to move on and embrace the major changes occurring in your life now. Your life is predictable, and though you enjoy that, The World is a sign that this chapter will come to a close. You’ve gotten comfortable and the sense of stillness you feel in your current life is unfulfilling. This feeling is a sign that it is time to embark on a new journey. Understand that living a fulfilling life is about spiritual variety.

Use this time right now to enjoy the present for what it is and be proud of yourself for what you’ve accomplished. Reflect on your journey, forgive yourself, and learn from your mistakes. Appreciate the sadness and despair you had to endure because it has taught you the euphoria of happiness.

The World is the very last tarot card of the major arcana, which means you’ve reached a full circle and have completed this chapter. Soon enough, change will come—you can’t hide from it. Until then, take a good look at the world around you and the people you are currently surrounded by. This moment will never be the same. One day, this will all be a distant memory. The vividness of life now will eventually drift away. Hold on to this moment as tightly as you can—you’ll know when it is time to let it go and start again.

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Your Card: Death

There is a twinge of melancholy here with the Death card as it marks a period of significant inner transformation. Sometimes it feels like you don’t even recognize yourself anymore, Libra. It’s crazy to think that we only live one day at a time, yet the years seem to blur together into a fuzzy montage. Then one day you wake up, look in the mirror, and realize you have no idea who that person staring back at you is. You’ve accumulated baggage and scars that have become so familiar that you’ve tricked yourself into thinking this is the person you were meant to be. However, lately, you’ve found yourself reassessing the people you surround yourself with and the environment you exist in. Ask yourself this: Do you even like these people? Would you want to be like them? Would you be ashamed to live their life? Do your friends even know who you truly are? Do you even know who you are anymore? Or have you spent so much time crafting this false image that you’ve somehow started to believe this is the real you?

The Death card is not to be feared. It symbolizes the death of our ego. Right now, significant change and transformation is happening at your core. The Death card asks you to shed aspects of your life and personality that no longer serve you. As you silently experience this internal rebirth, you will start to notice your internal world reflected in your outer world. Let go of everything that has held you back all this time, including the shallow relationships you cling to for the sake of company. Stop posting photos of nights out on your story just to look cool.

There is a lot of positive change on the horizon; however, I’m gonna be honest, this chapter of your life is going to be quite lonely. Everyone is on their own path, and if the people around you resent you for wanting to do better, then let them go. It’s for the best. Stop allowing others to drag you down in their misery. You’re not the bad guy for choosing your own peace of mind. Don’t become a slave to other people’s perception of you. Remember that there is a difference between being alone and feeling lonely. As you continue to shed your former self, it will eventually attract the right crowd. You need people who will grow with you not apart.

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Your Card: Judgment

With Judgment, soon you will find yourself caught at a crossroads. I don’t mean to stress you out, but the choices that you are making now will have very detrimental long-term effects on your future. Think carefully before you decide in which direction to take your life because after this, there is no going back.

Ask yourself this: What lessons have you learned during your journey and how can they be applied to the choices you’re making now? Listen to what your intuition is telling you. Weigh your options carefully. Make sure you’re in control of your emotions and impulses without suppressing what you’re feeling. Identify the source of what is driving you to react. You want to avoid any emotional outbursts that could cloud your thinking. Every challenge you’ve ever faced is a tool right now. Evaluate your past and any wrongdoings you might have committed because you’re gonna need all the good karma you can get. Sometimes it can be difficult to admit when we’re wrong, but right now it’s important you see the errors in your ways or else the universe won’t be so forgiving.

I cannot stress this enough, Scorpio: There is a wrong answer here, but trust that you’ll know the right one when the time comes.

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Your Card: The Moon

Right now, life is perfect… a little too perfect. You’re starting to find the stillness slightly eerie. You got The Moon, Sagittarius, which tells me that you’re having a hard time trusting yourself. You’re probably thinking life is good, but what’s the catch? Is there a catch? Is life even good??? I think it’s a lot easier for you to exist in pain because it is familiar to you, but this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Sag, I want you to know that all these fears you’re experiencing are mostly in your head. You deserve peace. You deserve to exist without all those crippling anxieties and delusions skewing your perception.

Perhaps after a slew of toxic relationships, you’ve started dating someone new who is perfect… a little too perfect. Too charming. Too generous. Too communicative. It’s alarming. It’s good to be cautious, but this can easily turn into self-sabotage. You’re one of the more analytical signs and so it’s easy for your overthinking to send you into a spiral. I’m sorry for whatever has occurred to you in your life that tricked you into thinking you don’t deserve good things. You absolutely do. Please don’t let your fears manifest into self-fulfilling prophecies just so you can feel right. This doesn’t validate the truth, it only further feeds into your insecurities.

Trusting your intuition might be difficult for you right now. Find a way to get out of your own head and see things objectively. I myself struggle with this, especially when it comes to dating. For help, I ask my closest friends for their opinions because it helps to see other perspectives.

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Your Card: The Fool

Congrats, Capricorn, you did it! You’ve achieved a major milestone in your life… Now what? I’m right there with you. I think we have a tendency to spend so much time and energy working towards our dreams and visualizing what it would look or feel like to finally win. Will our success taste as sweet as our trials were bitter? The answer is yes… but also no. It’s surreal, yet at the same time slightly underwhelming, to accomplish a lifelong goal. There is no happily ever after—life keeps going. A new journey lies ahead. I know this sounds exhausting. I too have been asking myself, “When does it all end?” When do we finally get to enjoy the fruits of our labor and live a life of peace and happiness? The thing is, happiness does not lie in the pursuit but rather in the smaller moments in between. This is a lesson I learned along the way in my last journey that I wish to share. Happiness does not equate to a certain salary, a certain career, or the perfect family life. The opportunity to be happy is up to you to find and appreciate within the mundane. That is where the magic happens. The Fool’s Journey is a never-ending cycle. Each time we embark on the journey, we leave behind pieces of our former selves in order to prepare for what lies ahead.

Life is all about mindset. We’ve got a long way to go from here, but with the approaching journey, there is the opportunity to let go of more old habits, learn more lessons, and continuously transform ourselves again and again. Who wants a simple predictable life, anyway? We love a good challenge, don’t we, Capricorns? Because somehow, some way, we always figure it out in the end.

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Your Card: Wheel of Fortune

If you’re looking for a sign that things are going to work out in the end, this is your sign. You got the Wheel of Fortune which signifies a positive turning point. Sometimes life sucks, and other times it’s a movie. Staying positive about a situation is good; however, if that positivity becomes toxic, it will only make matters worse. After accepting the shit storm life threw at you, you will soon enter a new positive cycle where you become fortune’s favorite. Perhaps you are already beginning to see this playing out.

I promise you, life will be good again. Just have a bit of patience. We only have so much control over certain outcomes. Whatever your goals are right now, my best advice is to focus on your intentions and look out for synchronicities and signs from the Universe. These omens are there to guide you. They are manifestations of your new positive outlook and are meant to be reminders that you’re doing everything right. The universe is cheering you on! Life is going to be a lot easier for you after this because you’ve grown stronger.

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Your Card: The Star

The Star is one of my personal favorite cards to receive in a reading. This reminds me of the movie “The Shawshank Redemption”. The moral debate of the film centers around the idea of hope and that no matter how bleak our situation is, we must always hold on to hope. Without hope, then you’ve already lost. The Star is a sign of hope. I’m rooting for you, Pisces. I know it’s been tough, but hold on just a little bit longer.

Maybe you weren’t able to see it before, but look a little harder and you’ll find that there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

As you enter this period of personal growth and a renewed sense of happiness, you will start to resemble the naked girl depicted in The Star tarot card. Your purpose is to be the beacon of hope in people’s lives. There is so much pain and hate in this world. With the instant gratification of social media and sensational news stories, it’s easy for society to get wrapped up in its own destruction. We focus so much on the negative, we forget the laws of nature. Without evil, there is no good. Remind everyone how much love exists in the world. They really need to hear it from you. You’re someone people can trust because you speak from experience.

Embrace the spirit of The Star. Not only will you change the lives around you for the better, but you will also change your own along the way.

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