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The Conspiracy Theory Each Zodiac Would Believe In

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It’s not that you love cults and want to be a part of one, but that you’re deeply fascinated by cult leaders and how they manipulate and control people with their lies and mind games. Specifically, though, you’re deeply fascinated by Scientology, the biggest cult known to ever exist. You’re a leader, not a follower, which is why you would never actually be in a cult, but you are still fascinated (and maybe even inspired) by this celebrity-filled cult.

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There are government secrets hidden behind Mount Rushmore.

You’re all about stability and security, which is why you are deeply fascinated with the conspiracy theory behind a national monument. There is the theory that there is a hidden chamber behind Mount Rushmore full of government secrets. Apparently, the sculptor behind this monument did put an 8-foot door that leads into a 74-foot-long and 35-foot-tall room behind Abe Lincoln’s head with the intent to hold important documents. Hm…

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The Mandela Effect.

This one can also be considered a psychological phenomenon of false memories but nonetheless, this fascinates you to no end. “Luke I am your father” vs. “No, I am your father.” The Berenstein Bears vs. The Berenstain Bears. “Mirror mirror, on the wall.” vs. “Magic mirror on the wall.” These are all Mandela Effects. You love learning new things, especially when it comes to the human brain, so when it comes to this theory/phenomenon, you could talk about it to anyone who will listen.

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Princess Diana’s death was not an accident.

Maybe you feel the connection because she was a Cancer. Or maybe you just feel drawn to this conspiracy theory because you’re a naturally nurturing, empathetic person, and understand how tragic her death was. But there’s something about it that makes you feel weird and you believe she was actually murdered. It wasn’t an accidental crash, it was a planned thing…by the Queen herself.

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Celebrity death hoax.

You’re deeply captivated by celebrities, being in the spotlight, and stardom, which is why you are fascinated by the conspiracy theories centered around celebrity deaths. You believe that some celebrities have died and been replaced (Avril Lavigne replaced by Melissa) or that some celebrities have “died” and are actually in hiding (Tupac).

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The JFK Assassination.

You’re more practical than most people, so you enjoying conspiracy theories is a bit out of the norm. However, there’s something about conspiracy theories that work for you: it’s an idea that you cannot get out of your head. You’re fascinated by the JFK assassination and all the theories around it, specifically the one about how the CIA was in on it…

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The Mona Lisa is a fake.

The Mona Lisa painting that is on display in Paris, France is actually a copy. There’s a theory that the real Mona Lisa painting was stolen in 1911 by someone doing his “patriotic duty” for Napoleon to bring it back to Italy. The theft was a means of creating multiple forgeries and selling them to art collectors. As a Libra, you love art and the finer things, so this theory really captures your attention.

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The NXIVM cult.

You’re deeply fascinated by cults because of how intense and mysterious they are. However, the one cult that has grabbed your attention is the NXIVM sex cult. You’re very sensual, intense, and mysterious, and if there’s one thing about you it’s that you can be a bit of a sex fiend. You’re fascinated by their shadiness and the way they feel empowered by their manipulation tactics.

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Bigfoot and the Lochness Monster.

Maybe it’s because you admire how mysterious they are. Or maybe it’s because you’re an explorer yourself, just like Bigfoot is wandering around somewhere in the Pacific Northwest and Nessy is just somewhere in the Scottish Highlands. That’s what you are like and want to continue to be like: mysterious, wandering, and alone in nature.

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The Moon landing was faked.

You’re a practical person. You’re a no-bullshit, show-me-the-facts kind of person. You’re skeptical and have to know for yourself what’s true and what isn’t. So you’re not completely convinced that the Moon landing was real. You believe it was faked by NASA and the government, from 1969-1970. There’s something weird about it and you can’t seem to let it go.

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Aliens and UFOs.

If there’s one thing about you, Aquarius, it’s that you feel like you’re from a different planet. So, of course, you feel drawn to talk about aliens and UFOs. You believe there are aliens already on Earth, walking around in plain sight. You believe that the semi-recent discussion and confirmation about alien existence is a distraction from something bigger. You believe in the crash landings and the UFO sightings. You believe in it all.

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The Illuminati.

It is believed that the goal of the Illuminati is to take control of the world using mind control, politics, and other fear-based propaganda. It’s believed that every celebrity (or most of them, at least) is a part of the Illuminati or the New World Order: Jay-Z, Madonna, The Kardashians, and Michael Jackson, to name a few. Maybe it’s because you’re more psychic than most, but you feel some indescribable connection to this conspiracy theory…

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