Zodiac Signs

The Concrete Sign Each Zodiac Is Falling In Love With You

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They suddenly have a tattoo of the thing you like, and they can’t wait to show you.

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They’ve agreed to watch your favorite show, from start to finish, even though it’s not something they’ve ever been into. And they even have themed snacks.

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They ghost you for a week to try to grapple with their feelings. And when they come back? They’re suddenly very intense.

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They’ve already started planning your wedding, and they aren’t afraid to let you know the color scheme and potential flower arrangements.

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They’ll brag about you to anyone who’ll listen, especially when it means they’re getting less of the spotlight.

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They’ve started planning time with you on the weekend–for entire days at a time. They’ll only cut into their Chore Time if it’s love.

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They’re always so well put together. No sweatpants and holy t-shirts–they’re showing all their best duds. The better they smell, the more in love they are.

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They’ve told you all their secrets. If they utter this, they’re in love: “I’ve never told anyone this before.”

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They’re including you in their travel plans. Sagittariuses don’t vacation with just anyone, after all. If you’re on the flight list, you’re the one.

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They do absolutely everything with you, always. The less space there is between you, the bigger the love. Sure, it sounds like codependency, but they’ll be the first to admit that.

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They start leaving work on time just to see you. If a workaholic Aquarius actually sticks to a 40-hour work week for you, then they definitely see you as their soulmate.

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They make you a playlist of all the songs that remind them of you. Because to a Pisces, your relationship doesn’t have just one song–it has a whole curated, 4-hour musical journey.

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