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The Career/Job Reality Check Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Hear Right Now

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Everyone hates to be micromanaged, but you take that hate to another level. And that’s because your natural-born leadership skills make it tough for you to not be the top dog at the office. Aries are the queens of the “you can’t tell me what to do” attitude. Unless you’re the CEO, check that ego. You have a boss, so just deal with it.

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You’re a hard worker who does great in a team setting. Everybody loves you. That is, until you start to feel unappreciated. When your bosses don’t acknowledge your hard work, that’s when you become the nuisance of the office. I get it, it sucks to have your hard work ignored, but if you become cranky about it, that’s going to help no one–especially yourself.

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Bosses have an uphill battle when it comes to keeping you entertained and engaged. When you find your job mentally and socially stimulating, you’re a joy to work with. But if it’s tedious, boring, repetitive–you’d rather just wile away the hours by gossiping with coworkers instead. While your coworkers might love you, your boss is probably just looking for a reason to let you go. Keep hopping from job to job until you find one that keeps you engaged.

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You pride yourself on how much you help others. And when you’re in a leadership position, you’re usually the boss that everyone likes. Unfortunately, that means you’re in danger of becoming way too close to people at work. This isn’t a “family,” it’s a job. Don’t take it personally if not everyone wants to become your best friend. Seriously, quit taking it personally.

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You love the spotlight. You’re great at getting things done and you thrive on the positive recognition you get from it. Be careful you aren’t stepping on other people to get ahead. The bosses might love you–you’re making them money after all–but there’s a very good chance that your coworkers are talking some serious shit about you behind your back. This is a team effort, so act like it.

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The perfectionism is a double-edged sword. You’re a meticulously hard worker, but it feels like the end of the world when things don’t go the way you planned. Don’t spiral out of control if your plans go awry. And especially don’t hate on your coworkers and employees because they don’t have the same perfectionist mindset as you. No one could live up to those standards anyway–including yourself.

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You love a social job. Honestly, if you won the lottery you’d probably still work just so you can be around people all the time. That’s where you’ve met all your friends, after all. Unfortunately, that means that you’re terrible at solitary jobs. If you’re in an isolated career, do everyone a favor and find something else.

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Your laser focus is admirable. When you start a task, your one-track mind won’t let you do anything else until it’s done. But have you noticed how intimidating you are when you get like that? Your coworkers might be afraid of you, and that’s why. Take breaks for your own sanity, and chat with the people you work with while you do it. Show them you aren’t the robot they think you are.

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You’re one of the most easy-going signs to work with. Everyone loves your effortlessly positive attitude. Until you’re forced into a mindless routine or are being micromanaged by a too-eager boss. Then you become intolerable. Stop planning a mutiny just because your boss wanted you to type up a weekly report.

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Unlike many of the signs on this list, you actually love a challenge and don’t shy away from demanding bosses. It also means that you’re on the track to becoming a boss yourself. Unfortunately, you’re prone to micromanaging your employees and expecting them to be as over-dedicated to their jobs as you are. Sorry, Capricorn, not everyone lives and breathes their job like you do.

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You’re an out-of-the-box thinker, which makes you perfect for unconventional careers. It also makes traditional corporate jobs your worst nightmare. Then you’re probably waking up every day upset that you have to go to the office. Stop torturing yourself and quit to go work at that ocean recycling startup you’ve been dreaming about.

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If you aren’t working in a creative field, you’re doing yourself a disservice. That non-creative job you’ve got is sucking out your soul, and you can feel it every time you step inside their doors. It’s okay to quit your job for something better. I know you feel like you’d be abandoning your coworkers, but your happiness is important, too.

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