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The Best Question You Should Ask Each Zodiac Sign On A First Date

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“If you could do anything in the world without consequences, what would you do?”

Aries loves taking risks and hates to be tied down, even if they know logically why they shouldn’t do something. So paint them a scenario where they don’t have to worry about the outcome of their actions to see their imaginative and ambitious nature run wild. Aries are never boring, and they love to share their daring desires with others.

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“Do you have any general decorating tips?”

Taurus loves beauty in all things in life, and that often manifests itself in physically appealing appearances—the way they dress, the way their home is designed, the places they shop, etc. Taurus was born with a keen eye for beauty, and they love to share their tips for luxury with others. Not only will they enjoy doing this, but you’ll also have advice on how to beautify your home and other aspects of life—truly a win-win situation!

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“Tell me some of your favorite stories.”

Gemini is a big ball of energy and a mouth that moves a mile a minute, making them perfect storytellers. Ask them to retell you a story based on personal experience—they will have plenty to spare. You don’t have to worry about running out of conversation with this sign, and your initiative to ask them to do what they do best is sure to light up your date and become a lasting memory.

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“How do you help someone who’s having a bad day?”

Cancer is a caregiver by heart, and this sense of selflessness is core to their being. They are bound to have plenty of anecdotes on how they best helped a loved one in life, whether they offered them a hug or reminded them to eat something or otherwise took care of the person. This sign has a lot to teach us about compassion and humanity, and they appreciate anyone who’s more than willing to offer a lending ear to their wisdom in kindness.

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“Tell me something about yourself.”

Many people are scared of talking about themselves or being the center of attention, but not Leo—they thrive in the spotlight. Leos love talking about themselves because they love who they are, and they know that others love them, too. This confidence, combined with their vivacious personality, is sure to not only dazzle you but challenge your own self-doubt.

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“What are some solutions to the biggest issues in the world?”

Ever the perfectionist, Virgo is always looking to improve things around them, and that includes social issues. This is a large question and can be intimidating, but the logical Virgo will be excited that you asked the question they already have an answer to. To Virgo, life is full of puzzles that simply need solving, and they do so as their way of showing love and making the world a better place.

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“Who are some of the most important people in your life?”

Libra is a social butterfly and naturally attracts people with their sense of beauty and emotional sensitivity. They always love to meet people and make new friends, and every relationship needs to start on the foundation of friendship, so a first date is no exception. Libra can spend all day regaling you with stories of their loved ones, and, if the stars align, will be more than happy to include you in their inner circle as you become a part of that circle yourself.

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“What are some of your ambitions in life?”

Scorpio is one of the more closed-off signs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to talk to you—it simply means it takes them a while to open up. And one of the best ways to get a Scorpio talking is to avoid the small talk and get straight to the heart of things. This sign spends a lot of time in their head thinking about their values and what’s most important in life, and they will secretly be thrilled that you want to know about their inner world.

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“Where have you traveled, and what places do you want to travel to?”

Like all fire signs, Sagittarius can’t be tamed, but this free-spirited individual, in particular, has a deep desire for travel. If any sign has traveled, or has already planned or daydreamed about their top destinations, it’s Sagittarius. They know that growing involves experiencing new things, and when you acknowledge this in your question, they’ll be more than happy to delve deeper into where they want to go and why.

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“What are some of your proudest accomplishments?”

Capricorn is not arrogant by any means, but they do appreciate being acknowledged for the good they do. Most people do, but not everyone puts as much effort into their routine and maintaining a pristine environment as Capricorn does. Assume the Capricorn has already checked off most things on their to-do list, or even added stuff that benefited them and their loved ones in one way or another, and the Capricorn will definitely feel at home.

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“Can you tell me an interesting thing about yourself that no one would know?”

The happy place of the Aquarius is when they—and others—appreciate them for their uniqueness. They like their quirky personality, their penchant for creativity, and the unique way they express themselves. Aquarius reminds you that everyone is one of a kind, and they love it when people can see beneath the surface and notice that they have their own unique talents to offer to the world.

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“What are your dreams and fears in life?”

Pisces is one of the most introspective types, spending time in their head thinking of their hopes, fears, and dreams of life. They are deeply in touch with their feelings and the ideal world they see in their minds. Pisces want to share their full selves with their future partner, and while you may be on a first date they deeply appreciate you showing this much interest in their passions and endeavors early on.

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