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The Best First Date Ideas For Each Zodiac

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The best date idea for Aries is one that involves physical activity. To complement their energetic nature, take them out for a hike or a walk around the block, or you can even go back-packing. Aries are always down for a new and exciting adventure, and they love having a good time in the process.

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Out of all the signs, Taurus is the biggest homebody. They’d much rather prefer to stay at home than to go out somewhere. Thus, the best type of date for Taurus is one that is comfortable. Some great comfortable date ideas can be ordering takeout while both of you are at home or making a homemade meal together. Taurus will also appreciate having some Netflix and chill time.

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Geminis love being a social butterfly, and they will likely take any chance they can get to socialize. Therefore, the best date for a Gemini would be something that involves meeting with and befriending new people. These dates can look like dropping into a friend’s party or hitting up a rave. Even though Geminis are a social butterfly, remember that Geminis love creating long-lasting connections just as much as you do. You can fulfill a Gemini’s need to be a social butterfly by introducing them to your friends or hosting a party.

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Cancers are sentimental and romantic, so they would love it if you took them out to a romantic movie night or a candle-lit dinner. They can also be found enjoying a night out at the movie theater or appreciating art in galleries or museums. To a Cancer, what matters most is that both of you enjoyed each other’s presence and company, regardless of what you did on the date.

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Leos are full of vibrancy and optimism, and as such, a snazzy 5-star restaurant with an impressive menu and a pleasing atmosphere would be their ideal date. Leos love to be excited on their first date, so they’re always looking for a good time, whether that’s socializing with people or just being in the right environment. They’ll enjoy a night out at the club or hopping bars that are open late at night.

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Virgos need mental stimulation in order for the date to go well. They can get bored of their partner pretty easily if the conversation is dry or if the date itself isn’t mentally stimulating. Therefore, in order to satisfy Virgo’s intellectual craving, you can suggest going to a museum exhibit or art gallery, visiting a botanical garden, or exploring a local library. Virgo is always searching for the right vibe in their environments, so if all else fails, take them to a cute and dainty coffee shop. If all else fails, they may enjoy grabbing breakfast at a café to eat while both of you exchange conversation.

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Libras hold old school ideas about love. They still love it when their partner opens the door for them. They’re hopeless romantics that secretly hope to be swept off their feet. Therefore, the best date for Libra would be taking them out to candle-lit dinners, watching the sunset on the beach, or having a picnic in the park with a charcuterie board. To win a Libras heart, simply tend to their romantic side and soft side.

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For the best date ideas for Scorpio, think of dates that will facilitate sharing deep conversations with one another. Scorpio strives to reach a deep connection with their partners, and they do this through conversing with one another. The best date ideas that allow you to be able to communicate with one another is in either sharing a meal together in a quiet, romantic setting or even listening to each other’s favorite albums together while laughing over each other’s music taste.

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As Sagittarius love to explore, consider exciting adventures that will broaden their horizon. They are naturally adventurous and they love to experiment with new ideas and places. Consider date ideas such as bowling, zip-lining, and white-water rafting. These are bound to please a Sagittarius, as they are always looking for something new and exciting to embark on.

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This Earth sign will love going on a hike, as they love being able to challenge themselves. Most importantly, a Capricorn loves overcoming these challenges and barriers. They also tend to prefer activities and date ideas that are active (versus passive), which means they like to be involved in the first date. A hike or a jog along the beach is right up their alley.

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Aquarius loves dates that are eccentric and unconventional, and they like partners who go against the status quo. They also prefer their first date to be somewhere outside of their home. Therefore, don’t take Aquarius something basic and well-known. Instead, consider taking them out to comic book conventions, checking out the nearest flea market, or going to the nearest aquarium.

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Pisces are romantics of the zodiac and are often creative dreamers—they have their heads in the clouds. As a result, taking Pisces to aesthetically pleasing places is an excellent choice. For example, some date ideas could be going to an art museum, having a picnic along the waterside, or even going to an Instagram-worthy location. Basically, Pisces are bound to enjoy the first date if it involves something dreamy and romantic.

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