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The Best Day Of 2023 For Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: May 24

You might feel totally overloaded with energy on this day, Aries — and that’s saying something, considering you’re a cardinal fire sign practically known for your self-starting vibes. When Mars, your planetary lord, moves into Aries on May 24, joining vast Jupiter (which is briefly in your sign this year) and the moon, the triple conjunction sparks a new drive within you and a desire to pursue a goal. significant or long term. . “It’s a great day to ask for a raise, make a business proposal, or start a new business,” says Marmanides. “Mars brings action, and Jupiter brings a healthy dose of optimism, so it’s an all-systems feel. »

Taurus: October 25

A whole year of transformation is in the stars for you, Taurus, thanks to the shift of the North Node in Taurus and the set of eclipses along the Taurus-Scorpio axis. But during the particular solar eclipse that occurs in Scorpio on October 25, which falls in your seventh house of partnerships, you could be in store for a fateful moment in love or romance. “Solar eclipses mark important new beginnings, so pay special attention to any new people who come into your life around this date,” says Marmanides. “Now is the perfect time for any Taurus looking for a new love, or to deepen or rekindle an existing relationship. »

Gemini: June 20

You are a naturally confident communicator, Gemini. And on that day, with your communication-focused planetary ruler, Mercury, receiving a supportive from benevolent Jupiter, those expressive skills will be on full and fabulous display. It’s a good day for you to shine, perhaps in the public eye, on social media, or surrounded by your loved ones, says Marmanides. You will feel like the most authentic form of the social butterfly that you are.

Cancer November 13

A whole wave of water energy puts you in your natural element on this day (literally, like a water sign) and helps nurture the seeds of a new beginning. Not only will the moon, your planetary ruler, be in your sign on November 13, but it will also form a grand water trine with the sun, Mercury, and Venus all in Scorpio (also a water sign), while creating a auspicious aspect with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces (which is, you guessed it, a water sign too). “With all this fluid, watery energy, Cancers are called to consider fertility and creation,” says Marmanides. “While it can certainly be a great day for spending time with family – or thinking about starting one of your own – Cancers can also use this energy to launch a creative project or spread one out into the world. »

Leo July 28

A new moon in your sign with a helpful trine of Jupiter in Aries brings new beginning energy on this day, Leo. “This could mark an important new beginning for any Leo looking for a new job, career or public image, as you will have the ability to reinvent yourself,” says Marmanides. And given your penchant for a strong, confident personality (thanks to the sun being your planetary ruler), you’ll likely appreciate this opportunity to put yourself in a new spotlight.

Virgo March 2

The cosmos is totally aligned for you to experience pleasure in partnerships on this day, Virgo. You will receive a helpful boost from the new moon in dreamy Pisces, falling in your seventh house of relationships, as well as a conjunction of the planets of love , Venus and Mars, in your fifth house of pleasure and pleasure. romance. “For a sign that can be so hard on themselves, it’s a day to feel joy and say ‘yes’ to love — or at least any invitation that comes their way,” says Marmanides.

Libra October 19

Balance and harmony is what you crave in all things, and on this day the stars are aligned for it: Venus, your planetary ruler and overseer of all love and beauty, joins the sun in your sign . “It’s your proverbial (and celestial) moment in the sun, Libra,” Marmanides says. “It’s a great day for you to share some good news, post a happy selfie just because, or make a big announcement. Overall, there’s a sense of ease, flow, and joy to the day, and it’s in your best interest to absorb it all.

Scorpio January 25

Expect a lucky day in love and communication, Scorpio. On this day, your traditional ruler of intense Mars enters Capricorn, the sign in which it is exalted (or energetically functioning at its highest octave). It helps you express your true intentions with drive and ambition—classic Capricorn characteristics—and to great effect: Expect declarations of love, new flirtations, and other passionate expressions to dominate during this time, Marmanides says. (It starts on January 25 and lasts for a few months as Mars completes its transit through Capricorn.)

Sagittarius August 17

The world may seem alive with opportunity and adventure on this day, Sagittarius. Venus in Leo entering your ninth house of travel, culture, and education sets the cosmic ground for a late summer getaway. “Whether it’s a family trip, a couple’s getaway, or a solo retreat, you’re called in for some well-deserved rest and relaxation,” says Marmanides. And as someone who is naturally drawn to travel to spark your creativity, you’re sure to benefit from a vacation in more ways than one.

Capricorn September 25

Perhaps more than any other sign, you revel in a victory in your career, Capricorn. And on the best day of 2023 for your zodiac sign, you could see a big one, thanks to the new moon in Libra activating your 10th house of work and public persona. Not to mention, the moon opposes Jupiter, channeling its expansive energy and making it all the more likely that your career will take a big leap forward. “It could be a time when you make progress or find a new opportunity that feels more closely aligned with your larger goals and dreams,” says Marmanides.

Aquarius: March 6

Sparks fly on this day for you, Aquarius, as Venus and Mars, the planets of love , meet in perfect conjunction at 0 degrees of your sign. “In astrology, 0 degrees of any sign is considered a powerful and critical degree, meaning for Aquarius, today reflects an auspicious start to a whole new chapter in your love life,” says Marmanides. . “Say ‘yes’ to any plans or dates on or around this day, because it just might lead to something magical. »

Pisces April 26

Pisces, it’s easily the best day of 2023 for your zodiac sign, which is really saying something considering you have a pink year ahead of you: Essentially, the cosmos are bringing in a whole bunch of good vibes thanks to a rare supporting conjunction of the moon, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in your sign (which, notably, will never happen again in our lifetime).
“Consider that Jupiter is the traditional planetary ruler of Pisces, Neptune is the modern ruler of the sign, and Venus is exalted in Pisces,” Marmanides explains. “The fact that all three of them are together in your sign with the support of the moon is incredibly auspicious. She suspects a lot could go your way, but in particular, it will be “a huge day for romance, healing, forgiveness and practicing compassion, and for starting any kind of artistic, musical or creative,” she says.

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