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The Best And Worst Version Of Yourself, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Belonging to a certain astrological sign does not mean that our character traits are completely frozen.

Depending on what is going on in our life, our personalities can change dramatically.

If you feel like you’re not yourself anymore and bad energy turns you into a completely different person, it could mean that you are experiencing the worst form of your zodiac sign.

When life plays tricks on us and we no longer feel like we are accomplished, strong, and positive, we tend to fall into the web of our insecurities.

It’s easy to let go, but you have to find a way at all costs to get out of it and rebuild yourself!

Knowing what your worst traits are is the best way for you to know how to behave when you are at your lowest, and knowing your best personality traits will make it easier to determine what to aim for.



Aries at his best is full of goodwill, he is strong and courageous. Aries fights even the fights of the less strong with honor and passion.

They don’t allow others to live lives that are less than they deserve. They are mature and stand up for others, including their friends and family.

When they help, they really think about the other’s best interests.

They give excellent advice and know how to show great compassion. They are fusional and interesting lovers.


In the worst-case scenario, Aries can become selfish and overly proud of their ability to do things right.

Aries people can tend to believe that they do everything better than others.

They let the bad little things get so big that they become real problems for them and for the people in their life.

They rush around carelessly, so they never really finish what they start.

They move on recklessly and expect others to clean up their mess.



They really care about the well-being of others.

They are kind empaths whose emotional and spiritual balance depends on the quality of life of the people they know, hear about, or read in the newspapers.

Ensuring the comfort of others is a need that comes from within and they do it because they like to do it, not because they have to.

They hate to see others suffer.

They make sure to maintain high moral standards in their family and community, as they believe this can prevent others from end up needlessly injured.

They are generous and affectionate as lovers, happy to receive and to give pleasure in their relationships.


They can become obsessed with their own comfort and start collecting material goods to an obsessive level.

They may tend to fixate on the materialistic side of life, leaving little room for spirituality and the attention of other human beings.

Their need for comfort and hedonism can grow too much and make them incredibly lazy, to the point where even going out for fun becomes a chore.

They have a tyrannical and stubborn side that is hard to control when they’re at their worst.

None of their friendships or romantic relationships will be successful if they are at this point.



Gemini is sociable people and get along with everyone.

They are on good terms with their friends. They are generally very popular with different groups of people.

They have a sharp minds and they are quite funny. Their humor is their number one trait.

Gemini can’t stop moving, they just have too much going on.

They really appreciate life, with all that it can give them.

The Gemini mind never goes into judgment mode; they accept people for who they are.


Gemini can easily lack empathy. They sometimes forget to think about how the things they do or say can hurt others.

Their way of thinking allows them to offend others because they think they should say whatever they think.

They often change their mind, but can’t say when they’re sorry.

They can be the type to chatter and talk behind their backs just to secure a better place on the social scale.

Their career and social status may be more important in their life than the emotions of those who care about them.



They are protective of everyone. They are always ready to help and make someone feel important and valued.

Sensitive to human weakness, they cannot stand selfish behavior. Cancers are caring.

They listen to people when they talk to them and take part in their issues with all their heart and soul, offering them the best advice.

They are very responsible when it comes to work and have a great work ethic.

In their family and love relationships, they are always willing to cooperate with their partners, giving them lots of love.


They can be overly sensitive, to the point of believing that people are trying to harm them on purpose.

They cannot separate their feelings from the intentions and views of others.

It is difficult for them to understand that the things people do come from their own perspectives and their way of life.

They feel like everyone is trying to hurt them. They need to let their guard down and learn to trust people more.



Leo can be very honest and welcoming. He is able to separate good from evil and apply it to his own behavior.

Leos know how to see when they’re wrong and aren’t afraid to apologize.

Very concerned about their ego, they understand the fragility of that of others and try not to hurt it.

They are open and communicative. Their friends and family are a priority for them.

Leos are loyal to those they care about.

They give people they love lots of compliments and shower them with attention. It’s just their way of communicating their feelings.


They can be way too honest to the point of being offensive and hurting the feelings of others.

Their need to emphasize their own greatness can push them to exaggerate everything.

They can look and behave in that seem extravagant.

Their need to satisfy their egos sometimes leaves them with no real faith in themselves.

They always need to do something extreme in order to be able to feel important, and their relationships, of course, suffer a lot.

Not being honest with yourself about who they are and what they need prevents them from having healthy relationships.



Virgos are generally very kind and gentle. They are happy to help others and offer them advice.

They see the world in an unusual and very practical way. They understand, however, that others do not.

Virgos at their best will not criticize others for being different from them, but will instead offer their beneficial help and advice.

They can solve problems before they even arise because they analyze and examine everything around them in great detail.

In friendship, they are amazing friends, but also in their romantic relationships because they know how to listen, communicate and understand those close to them.


When they are at their worst, they criticize and judge people for anything that does not match their idea of ​​how certain things should be done.

They can be very materialistic and judge others based on their work or material possessions.

They can become obsessed with money.

Virgo women, at worst, will get married for money or pay too much attention to people’s outward appearance.

All of this prevents them, of course, from having healthy, happy, and honest relationships.



Libras are surprisingly good and considerate of others without expecting anything in return.

They want to be fair all the time, but are able to understand that life is not always fair, and yet they remain happy and positive.

They treat people well because they are like that, and because they feel it is their responsibility as humans to be kind to others.

They love to spread beauty and peace in the world and see this as a reward in itself.

They don’t need others to return the favor to feel appreciated.

They are generous, caring, and selfless people who are extraordinary both in their romantic relationships and in their friendships.


They care too much about what is right and what is wrong. They expect people to always do the right thing, which is hardly possible.

The fact that others can’t always be fair infuriates them and they may play passive-aggressive games just for revenge.

When they realize that the world is not always fair, they feel hopeless and angry, which affects each of their friendships and romantic relationships.



Always loyal are the words that best describe Scorpios at their best. They have very intense emotions but are able to deal with them.

They realize that other people are not responsible for their emotions; instead of keeping their feelings deep inside, they prefer to express them instead.

They accept whatever happens to them, be it good or bad, and thus become stronger.

They are very passionate and use this passion to spread good, not to gain power and get revenge on those who have harmed them.


They can become very possessive, controlling, and ruthless. They tend to pass their sense of self-control onto other people, believing that they can control anyone.

People cannot take this for too long and tend to leave.

Scorpios are afraid that someone will ridicule them. They put too much energy into making sure that never happens.

If something bad happens and someone uses it against them, they spend a lot of time feeling sorry for themselves and in this way miss out on a lot of great things in life.



These are the butterflies of the zodiac, they are optimistic and carefree. They don’t let anything bad from the outside world affect their zest for life.

And they always continue to seek the good in everyone and everywhere.

They ignore the mistakes of others and don’t pay much attention to the imperfections of things or people.

They care about what is deep inside things and deep in a person’s heart.

They have good intuition which helps them recognize people’s true intentions.

Sagittarians know how to recognize them clearly and their wisdom allows them to be open-minded.


They spend a lot of time wondering if other people are being sincere.

They are very embarrassed by people who overdo it, cheat on everyone around them and lie about who they really are.

In the worst-case scenario, Sagittarians set very high standards for others and rules that don’t apply to them.

They easily cut off on certain people in their life if they think those people haven’t treated them right.

They expect too much of others and don’t offer the same in return.



Capricorns are people who give a lot of support and give a lot.

These are people you can always count on, even when there is no one else to turn to.

They are not overwhelmed by the world and they see it clearly, with all its advantages and faults.

They are preparing for the world, using their common sense.

They know how to save money and develop good health plans to take care of their future.

They know that you can win anything in life and that you have to work hard to get to where you want to be.

Their number one priority is their family and loved ones. They are very responsible people at work and in life in general.


At worst, they fail to come to terms with what is different from their own opinion and outlook.

They feel like they know what is right and want at all costs to convince others to blindly follow them.

They come to believe that they have to do all the work within their family or their community.

They often complain about their position in relation to others who seem to get it all so easily, and perhaps Tyrannical is the right word to describe their nature.

Accepting that other people can make their own decisions without being judged seems impossible to understand.



They see the world clearly. They do not let themselves be defeated by the judgments of others.

They follow their own rules and consider their standards to be higher than those of others.

By being the only ones who actually know what’s going on in their head, they think they should be the only ones making confident decisions about how they want their life to look.

Yet, they respect the opinions of others in the same way they want their opinion to be respected.

They accept the quirky characteristics of others and appreciate them more than any other zodiac sign.

They are very patient and kind, and they are truly amazing friends.


They may believe that their standard of living is the highest possible and that everyone should respect them; other people should share their ideals.

They even try to make others understand the changes they should make to achieve the same level of excellence as them in life.

They don’t react so well to other people’s emotions, giving themselves the right to analyze other people’s feelings.

They don’t realize that people react emotionally differently and should offer them more understanding and compassion.



They are one with all that represents human emotion. They understand others even better than they understand themselves.

Their intuition enables them to understand the true feelings and desires of people that go beyond words.

They know how to absorb these emotions and return them to others in the form of understanding and compassion.

They accept that people are different and look past the faults of others, always being grateful to those who do the same for them.


Their head is constantly somewhere in the clouds and they can’t face the real world.

On the one hand, they just pretend that the ugly and horrible things in the world don’t exist.

And on the other hand, they can look for just ways to achieve comfort.

They often fall into addiction when they don’t know how to deal with stress.

If they do not allow their loved ones to help them, it can go a long way. They rarely admit their weaknesses.

And if they don’t find the strength to do it, the world can come tumbling down on them.

They can go so far as to develop health problems because of their feeling that they cannot cope with the stress and atrocity of the world around them.

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