Zodiac Signs

The 7 Heartthrobs Of The Zodiac

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Leo men and women are gorgeous. Everyone either wants to date them or be their friend. Aside from their good looks, they have larger-than-life personalities that naturally charm your socks off. They are the warmest fire sign out of the three. From their smiles to the energy they give off, everything about them will keep you coming back for more.

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Libras are flat-out pretty, and they know it. From the sparkle in their eyes to their outfits of the day, you’d swear everyone has had a crush on a Libra at some point. Most likely to be popular amongst their peers, these air signs are the epitome of a social butterfly. They’re friendly, talkative, and incredibly charming.

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Calm and collected, these earth signs have a way about them that makes scoring dates quite seamless. Blessed with chiseled jawlines and model faces, Taurus is the hot girl or guy who can make anyone swoon just by walking past them. It’s probably because they usually wear fashionable clothes decked out with the latest accessories.


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Everyone loves a baby face, and Pisces doesn’t grow out of theirs. They can be pretty hot commodities in the dating game. Known for being soft-hearted and in touch with their emotions, these water signs were the ones with the guitar you were into in high school. They’re dreamy, sweet, and know how to write a love song or two.


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The fittest physique in the zodiac, who wouldn’t be attracted to these fire signs? Known to hang out at the gym, Aries take care of themselves. Usually blessed with a muscular build, you can’t help but look their way every time they pass by. They’ve also got personalities that’ll make you smile and a heart that’ll make you feel loved.


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There’s nothing more attractive than someone who knows who they are (and owns it). Interested in a cute and unique artist or musician? Chances are they’re probably Aquarius, and you dig their vibe. Blissfully good-looking, this air sign can easily add a pinch of pizzazz to any room. They rarely judge, are open-minded, and stand up for the little guy.


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Though quiet and reserved at first, Capricorns have a way of attracting who they want with a hint of mystery and sophistication. With their slim build and well-proportioned facial features, these earth signs can influence a room without a spectacle. They’re ambitious and career driven. Need I say more?

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