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The 6 Zodiacs Least Likely To Tolerate A Situationship

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Virgos like to do things in an orderly fashion. Being in a situation is not one of them. They take relationships seriously and are different from the type to play games. They’ll let you know if they’re interested in you and only you. You’ll have their full attention with a label on it, too.

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Like Virgo, Capricorns aren’t ones to entertain things without a purpose. When they’re interested in someone, they like to invest in them as much as they can. You will know where you stand and whether they’re serious about making things official.

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When it comes to love, there’s no one as intentional as Aries. When they’re interested, they pursue it, and when sure, they make it exclusive. You’ll know whether they’re serious about you or not. They’ll do everything to keep you safe by making you feel as secure as possible. You won’t wonder where you stand or whether or not you’re the right person.

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Scorpios are too good for a situationship. They love intensely and wholeheartedly and won’t tolerate developing feelings without a label. They hold their emotions to a high standard and won’t entertain anyone who’ll play with it.

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Libras are relationship-oriented, so everything about a situation naturally makes them uncomfortable. They love love and believe in its exclusivity and attachment to a label. Libras don’t like feeling confused in a partnership where they could stunt their growth. They don’t invest in a budding connection without knowing where they stand.


Leos know what they want and aren’t ever afraid to walk away from tables that no longer serve them. They know their worth, and it isn’t within a situationship. They want someone who takes relationships seriously and is as devoted as them. They rarely settle for the bare minimum.

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