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The 6 Biggest Hopeless Romantics Of The Zodiac

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Leos have giant hearts and aren’t afraid to shout their partners’ names from the rooftops. They’ll parade them any chance they get and shower them with as much affection as they can offer. These signs are diehard romantics. They’ll plan all the romantic picnics and even surprise you with a grand gesture or two.

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Pisces is an incredibly romantic sign. They care about the little things. From your birthday to how you like your coffee, they’ll make you melt with their attention to detail. They have a knack for giving their partner butterflies.

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Libras are one of the most romantic signs in the zodiac. They will do everything and anything possible for their partner. One of the most selfless signs, they’re the type to shower their significant others with dozens of bouquets — on top of endless love and affection. It’s you, and only you, their eyes will be glued to. They’ll think about you night and day.

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Taurus is so engulfed with romance that, if they’re dating you, they plan to marry you. These signs look for a love that will last a lifetime. One of the ultimate lovers of the zodiac, they won’t hesitate to go to great lengths to maintain your spark. They’re one of the most loyal, dependable, and trustworthy signs.

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Cancer is in their element when they’re taking care of you. They’re the sign that nurtures and ensures you’re ready to conquer the day. Everything about them is love. From the words they speak to their intentions, these signs will always have your back. They think and make decisions with their hearts, and like Pisces, they love the little moments. From watching a movie at home to singing in the car together, you’ll never have to doubt how much they love you.

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When Aries find their one, they shower them with as much affection and gifts as possible. A big softie at heart, these fire signs are never ones to hold back when expressing their love. From good morning texts to planning the grandest gestures, they’re determined to make their partners feel special daily. They’ll listen intently about your day — even when nothing substantial happens.

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