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The 4 Most Sensitive Zodiacs

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Some zodiacs are more sensitive than others. They need to be treated gently by their partners in order for the relationship to last. Here are a few zodiacs with sensitive hearts who can’t help how much they care…


Cancers care so deeply about the people around them that it breaks their heart to imagine hurting anyone. That’s why they read so deeply into every word that is uttered and every change in someone’s tone of voice. They are afraid that they’re going to chase someone they love away, which is the last thing that they want. Cancers have soft, sensitive hearts that can break easily. They need a partner who understands how to communicate with them. A partner who comes to them in a mature, respectful way instead of raising their voice or acting passive aggressive. Cancers want you to be honest. They just don’t want you to be too harsh while explaining your feelings – or it will hurt their feelings.

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Pisces are empaths. They are impacted by the emotions of the people surrounding them, so they are going to struggle when they see their partner struggling. They cannot stand to see someone they love in pain. Since they have such sensitive hearts, they want everyone to be happy. They aren’t able to rest unless they know that the people they love the most in this world are okay. However, Pisces don’t want their partners to feel the need to tiptoe around them. They want to be there to help their partner. They want to be a shoulder to lean on. They want to provide comfort. They simply might cry while doing so.

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Libras have sensitive hearts, which is why they’re so uncomfortable with conflict. They hate seeing others upset – especially when they’re the reason behind the pain. Libras want to keep the peace, which is why they might bottle up their feelings at times. They are afraid of saying the wrong thing and causing someone else heartache. After all, they care about their partners on a deep, spiritual level. If they see their partner in pain, they are going to be in pain too. But they are fixers. Even though their heart might be hurting, they will take action. They won’t sit around and mope. They will try to help you in whatever way they can.

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Taurus grow uneasy when they feel like they’ve lost control of a situation. They don’t like to be plunged into the unknown or get met with any unexpected problems. Since a change to their routine impacts them so profoundly, they are easily shaken. One wrong move by their partner and they could be upset for hours. Or days. Unfortunately, Taurus can hold a grudge, so it will be hard for them to get over any problems in the relationship. And sometimes, those problems are minor. Taurus might end up taking something their partner said out of context and being upset over nothing. This is why they need a partner who is open and honest with them. A partner who communicates their emotions clearly. That way, there aren’t any big misunderstandings to cause a Taurus pain.

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