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The 4 Biggest Misconceptions About Virgos

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Whether you love them or hate them, Virgos make up the majority of our peer group. The most popular sign for at least two decades running, the majority of the millennial and Gen Z generation is dominated by virtuous, detail-oriented, and introspective August and September babies.

They have grown up to be writers, authors, content creators, influencers, speakers, and thought leaders in a variety of industries, speaking to their natural mercurial tendencies. Some are bookish academics, some are brilliant novelists, some are It Girls, and some are determined to be modern-day Joan Didions. But they all have one thing in common: they’re obsessed with the finer details that others overlook.

If you love a Virgo, you know the balancing act they often play between organization and neuroticism. But there is more to the meticulous, intellectual Virgo than you might think. Here are four misconceptions about the mutable earth sign that everyone wants around when they need to cram for an exam or put together an IKEA desk.

They’re constantly neurotic.

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They’re a mutable sign, meaning that they’re not set in their ways, even if they appear to have minor mental breakdowns whenever their daily routine is disrupted or their carefully planned travel itinerary is knocked off balance by the Aries who invited themselves last-minute. Virgo is nothing if not intellectually curious, meaning that they are open to new points of view and willing to engage with their ideological opponents in a calm and rational debate. Remember that one girl on the debate team in high school who could convince you to believe literally anything? Probably a Virgo.

They’re naive.

Despite their pleasant and beautiful exterior, Virgo knows more than you think. They see everything that is going on, and they know how to play detective. This is especially true for Virgo risings, whose third house is ruled by dark and mysterious Scorpio; they are certainly not afraid to dive deep to understand the depths of a suspicious person’s psyche if they sense they are being lied to or manipulated. It’s difficult to pull the wool over the eyes of a Virgo, since they rarely miss anything.

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They are rationalists who oppose spirituality.

They might have flawlessly organized closets and color-coded bookshelves, but they are not all-consumed with the tangible. Virgo sits exactly opposite Pisces, the most spiritually conscious sign of the zodiac. Sister signs, despite their superficial differences, are seeking the same destination. They just have a very different roadmap. Virgos love to study esoteric subjects and have the work ethic necessary to truly dive into a topic they are passionate about, but unlike the dreamy ambience of the Pisces’ home office, Virgos prefer to explore esoteric topics from the comfort of a clean and uncluttered space.

They don’t have a sense of humor.

There is nothing like the dry wit of a Virgo, who is likely to be well-read and possess a strong vocabulary that lends itself well to snappy dialogue. This, along with their natural eagle eye for human psychology, gives them the unique advantage of being able to capture and distill the very best of observational humor into their written and verbal communication. Yes, they’re often shy and introverted types, but a Virgo who is comfortable around you will eventually show their comedic side, and you’ll feel like you’ve witnessed a whole new person you didn’t know was lurking beneath the polished and well-dressed exterior.

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