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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Doubt Themselves The Most

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We all wrestle with self-doubt from time to time.

While we are all more capable than we give ourselves credit for, it can be easy to question whether we are as skilled, desirable, or worthy as we wish to be. If we aren’t careful, it can be easy to spiral into overtly critical thoughts.

In the zodiac realm, every sign wrestles with doubting themselves—it’s human nature. Yet, some zodiac signs may grapple with the tendency to doubt themselves (and self-sabotage) more than others.

Check out the signs below (Sun, Rising, and Mercury) to see which zodiac signs doubt themselves the most.

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Virgos know they are capable of a great deal, but that doesn’t mean they don’t experience their fair share of self-doubt. They have high standards for others and themselves. They want to believe in themselves and dream big, yet they want to be realistic and grounded. They are usually the ones people turn to for help and can take on too much — to ensure things get done the “right way.” However, they are only human and can’t consistently execute everything perfectly. When they do fail, it only increases their fear that they aren’t good enough.

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Capricorns are often stereotyped as determined, hard workers who won’t stop until they reach the top. However, Caps are just as prone to doubting themselves as anyone else. Capricorns will work hard and focus on their path, but that doesn’t mean they always deem themselves worthy of their goals. Of course, self-doubt often fuels their desire to become great—they think if they can achieve just this one thing, they will finally earn it. Yet, the immense pressure they place on themselves keeps them wondering if they truly can achieve the greatness they dream of.

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Aquarians are no strangers to doubting themselves. While they may be influential and alluring to those around them, they tend to second-guess their impact on the world. Their tendency to live in contradiction doesn’t help matters. They want to be known by others while keeping themselves at a distance. They often feel that others can’t deeply know them because they barely know themselves. At their best, Aquarians can be self-aware and self-assured. However, it’s easy for them to shift into self-doubt, becoming their own worst critics.

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