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The 3 Zodiac Signs That Reject the Most in Love

In love, they say, everything is allowed. Or rather, almost everything. However, some signs know how to play the cards more than skilfully.

And well, they can give two spades to the people in front of them, in no time. Without even caring if the person they are giving that two of spades likes it or not.

Today’s signs have a way of being and a very particular character in love, and well, we are sure that our words will be able to clarify your ideas from every point of view.

The signs that in love know how to refuse and say NO are them.


The bull is very lazy, and usually never goes out with a person more than once if he doesn’t like him. We’re talking about a sign that he likes to live in his comfort zone and doesn’t usually like to hang out with so many people, just for that. Well, his philosophy is “few but good”.

Always try to get to the bottom of a few people, but not a lot, not at all. He sometimes gives two spades without even realizing it. It’s a difficult sign, in his way. But also honest and faithful, always able to be with the same partner, and never getting bored, perhaps in boredom he also finds a way of life that comforts him. If you know him, you know him well.


And the lion? It is a sign that says several NOs and manages to give a series of deuces of spades, without even realizing it. The lion is not able to say yes to everyone, and he also does it out of pride, just to be and feel as desired as possible. The lion is not simply easy to understand, but he is certainly much more mature and aware than what is usually thought.


And let’s go ahead with Sagittarius, a sign that knows how to reveal his pleasant soul and, if we want, intellectual towards others. It’s like he’s caught up in a thousand different, and different things, and like he’s not able to conclude with any partner until he meets the right person. He falls in love with the world around him, and everything else disappears.

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