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The 3 Zodiac Signs That Read Too Much Into Things

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Scorpio, you’re ruled by Pluto – the planet of the underworld. Pluto gives you a drive to uncover the truth no matter what; this makes you great at finding out other people’s secrets, but not so great at knowing when to stop digging.

You might end up overanalyzing things a little too often, Scorpio. Whether you can’t leave a casual interaction without overthinking things or find yourself looking for hidden motives in every conversation, it can be difficult for you to put down your detective hat. It’s a noble cause, Scorpio, but it isn’t always worth it in the long run. Focus on making genuine connections and reading people when they want you to.

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Ruled by Mercury and known for being analytical, you have a sharp mind and an innate need for perfection, Virgo. This also means that you’re an overthinker – when it comes to yourself and other people. Even a small difference in someone’s mood or daily routine can change your train of thought’s tracks.

Virgo, you might wind up creating scenarios in your head that explain the different behavior you notice in others. Maybe you’re too worried about not getting a text back quickly enough or thought someone seemed a little off during small talk. Either way, not everyone is as good with the little details as you are. Chances are, they didn’t even notice the behavior that has you so worried.

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Pisces, you’re ruled by Neptune, and you often find yourself toeing the line between fantasy and reality. You’re a highly empathetic person who is always in tune with the emotions of those around you (especially the people you’re close to). This also means that you often find yourself feeling like there’s a deeper meaning to everything in your life.

You have big dreams, Pisces, but not everything needs a deeper explanation. You tend to dwell on things and try to connect them to make them more meaningful; a random comment or passing glance could wind up as part of a character arc in your mind. Your dreams make you creative, Pisces, and they’re definitely a good thing; but you should reel yourself back every once in a while when it comes to other people. Not everything needs a good explanation.

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