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The 3 Zodiac Signs Most Afraid Of Commitment

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A Taurus’ fear of commitment is primarily subconscious, and they frequently cannot explain what has been holding them back. In relationships, they appear to desire commitment, but their interior feelings tell a different tale. On the inside, they are more reserved about committing and often possess deep-rooted mistrust of their partners. This subconscious bias against commitment can be attributed to previous relationship experiences and difficulties, whether romantic, familial, or platonic. It can be ascribed to previous betrayals, making Taurus fearful after being hurt so deeply before. However, when Taurus allow themselves to commit, they love passionately, sincerely, and intensely.

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Sagittarius loves adventure and may fear the limitations a committed relationship could impose on their lust for excitement. For example, a Sagittarius might not want to be in a relationship for fear of losing the time they could have spent traveling (or exploring other dating options). The thought of committing to one person may feel like a cage to these adventurous souls. Sagittarius may also find the responsibility and dedication that comes with a committed relationship too much to handle, as Sagittarius is notoriously known to want unbridled flexibility. Thus, Sagittarians are much more at ease when they know they have a way out of situations, preferring to be flexible with their commitments. Thus, it might be challenging to get them to put a ring on their finger.

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An Aquarius is like a lone wolf, and commitment just isn’t in their nature. This sign prioritizes freedom and independence above all else, and the thought of being tied down to a serious relationship can be intimidating for them. It can be scary for them to think about being with the same person forever — especially if forever implies that they can’t be their own person anymore. They may fear losing their autonomy and ability to pursue their interests. For Aquarius, there are concerns about how much the relationship will take out of their lives. An Aquarius may sometimes believe that a committed relationship will limit their freedom to change and evolve, which can be an ultimate deal breaker for many Aquarians who prefer the flexibility that comes with something more casual. They may also struggle to make long-term decisions, which can make committing to a long-term relationship extremely difficult for them.

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