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The 3 Nerdiest Zodiac Signs

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Whether they’re the type of nerd who studies hard and loves spreadsheets or the nerd who cosplays on weekends and plays Dungeons and Dragons, we’ve all collectively agreed that it’s cool to be a nerd, right? Passionate about nerd culture, a love of learning, intelligence in spades, these three zodiac signs are the nerdiest of the zodiac. Are you on the list?

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Virgos are like the Hermione Grangers of the zodiac. They’re hard working, they’re great at studying, and they’re organized as hell. Even well into adulthood, when they’re done with school and other required learning, they’re still making lists and elaborate plans to achieve their goals. If you need someone to help you figure out the best possible way to do something, ask a nerdy Virgo. Keep a nerdy Virgo around because they’ll inspire to you to be better. Just be aware that they’ll give you some major side-eye if you skip their tried-and-true method in favor of something “easier.”

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Far less studious than the other nerds on this list, Libra instead gets their geekery from their interests. They’re the ones who not only love fandoms pulled from anime or video games or their favorite sci-fi shows, but they’re also not afraid to show it. They’re wearing merch from their fandoms, they’re going to conventions dressed as their favorite characters, and they’re writing elaborate fan fiction. Of all the zodiac, Libras are most likely to have a tumblr devoted to their favorite ship from Doctor Who or Sherlock or One Piece, or any other cool show or game. Keep a nerdy Libra around because they always have ideas for fun things to do on an otherwise boring weekend.

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Aquariuses are royalty when it comes to their hobbies. Not only do they spend a lot of time on their craft of choice–whether tying flies or crocheting baby animals or building elaborate Gundams–but they delve so deeply they quickly become experts. They hit their 10,000 hours of expertise in such a short time just because they devote so much of their free time to the things they love. They’re also often super knowledge about a bunch of different topics. Keep a nerdy Aquarius around if you want your pub trivia team to get first place every week.

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