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The 3 Most Selfless Zodiac Signs

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They give to people when they can, they’ll do favors without being asked twice, they’ll give the shirt off their back if they can. These selfless zodiac signs are known for doing everything they can for the people around them. While it’s true that everyone has their selfish moments, those are few and far between for these signs. These three zodiac signs should be protected at all costs because their unending generosity is so easily taken advantage of. Are you one of these signs?

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Not only are Cancers known for their selfless nature, they’re also proud of this innate trait. It’s their instinctive mothering nature that drives them to nurture everyone around them. Unfortunately, they’re also the most likely on this list to attract people with bad intentions. Because they root for the underdog and believe in second chances, they try to support people who may seem obviously shady to everyone else. Thus, it’s the job of the friends and family of empathetic Cancers to make sure they don’t take their selflessness too far.

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If you ever need a favor, like help moving an entire truck full of furniture or an early morning ride to the airport, you can always ask a Libra. They care so much about their friends and family that they’ll jump at the chance to be available for them. This selflessness can sometimes lead to unbalanced relationships with more toxic friends who take and take but never give. Luckily, Libras are good at fostering friendships with loving and protective people who will go to bat for them when they need defending.

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Pisces’ selflessness comes from their empathy and emotional sensitivity when someone they know is going through a rough time. They often know the best ways to cheer up each person they know, tailored to who they are as individuals. This means that sometimes they’ll help people going through emotional upheaval even if they have some of their own. They’ll push down their own feelings and only the most observant friends will realize that they’re struggling, too.

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