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The 2 Zodiacs Whose Lives Will Transform The Most This Month

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Sagittarius, this month your transformation is about aligning how you feel inside with the way you present yourself to the world on the outside. You can be so guarded with what you let others see and have a penchant for dumbing yourself down to better fit in among a large group of people. You’re the employee who keeps their head down and stays out of the water cooler drama, but whose good work also remains under the radar, like a well-mannered child sacrificing attention from a parent worn thin by another child with behavior issues. This means you’re used to being left alone to entertain yourself. You are independent and often hide your true interests from others, wary that they won’t welcome you as warmly if they find you to be too different from the status quo.

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This month, that all changes.

You’re going to add that signature piece to your wardrobe you’ve been afraid you can’t pull off or will make you stand out too much. The tweed blazer or thigh-high boots illustrate some part of your identity you will now be ready to flaunt, along with all of your interests and talents. You’re going to raise your hand and contribute to your full ability. You’re going to rise above any conflict in your vicinity instead of dimming your shine to avoid looking like an attention seeker. You will be your authentic self in a way that frees you from the effort of holding so much of who and what you are back, that real life will suddenly feel like a vacation because it takes more effort to coast than it does to give life your all.


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Libra, your transformation this month is about evaluating the structural integrity of your life. Your sign is the literal representation of balance, and so many aspects of your life are meant to keep things sturdy and level. But the first part in any home renovation is to identify the weight supporting beams from the superfluous ones. Which walls can come down versus which ones keep the whole thing from collapsing? Once you have those answers in hand, you can completely rearrange floor plans and get to work on demolition.

In life, that means figuring out what habits, hobbies and relationships support you and keep you functioning, versus those that are more decorative or ornamental. Are you meditating because it’s supposed to be good for your mental health, but that 30 minutes of trash TV after work actually does more to help you unwind? Are you waking up early because you’ve read that’s what successful people do when an extra 30-40 minutes of sleep actually does wonders for your energy throughout the day? You have to take a good hard look to see which aspects of your life are indeed producing their intended results and which would have no impact on your life if excluded.

It’s hard, to acknowledge the things we’ve purposefully brought into our lives may not be doing what we thought they would. Especially when you’ve spent time and money on them. But remember, this step is necessary for discovering all the different options you have to rearrange what you’re working with. A backyard garden where nothing is growing could be converted into a swimming pool. When you free up space in your life that isn’t working, you’re creating room for what will.

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