Zodiac Signs

The 2 Deepest Zodiac Signs

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These two zodiacs are as deep as they come


Scorpios are recognized for their profound nature. They move through life with intention and purpose, being sure not to engage with anything or anyone that is not sincere. While many believe Scorpios are aloof and closed off because of this intentionality, that’s far from the case. They struggle to be superficial and don’t value relationships that feel surface-level. Scorpios are deep thinkers that carve a meaningful path for themselves which is why they only allow in a few people to their inner circle who they trust. It’s not that they’re mean or judgmental, they are just selective of who they let close to their empathetic heart and deep-thinking mind.

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Cancers operate from a deep emotional core as they are very in tune with their emotions and the emotions of those around them. As natural empaths, they are immediately able to read how those close to them are feeling and feel it themselves. Often Cancers get a bad reputation for being sheltered or closed off, but that’s far from reality. In truth, they are so sensitive to the emotions of those around them and their well of thoughts as well that they need boundaries to maintain a daily routine. They don’t allow many people close to their heart and inner circle because they’re aware of their capacity to care and need to protect it so they’re not taken advantage of.

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