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The #1 Zodiac Sign Prone To Self-Sabotage — Is It You?

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Scorpios pride themselves with how independent they can be. They truly believe they don’t need anyone and that gives them a sense of strength while others could perceive it as lonely. However, Scorpios are extremely emotional; they just pick and choose when and to who they show those emotions to. This will backfire from time to time because choosing to bottle things up only molds into overthinking.

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Scorpios will self sabotage their relationships but confuse it as taking control. No one wants to get hurt, but Scorpios tend to see how vulnerability opens the gates to allow pain in. They rather save themselves before that occurs (or at least they think it will occur). Scorpios won’t know what it’s like to truly trust someone or fall in love with someone else if they keep believing they are better off alone. Scorpios can definitely thrive on their own, but self sabotaging will always block them from the unknown.

Note to a Scorpio: the unknown does not always have to be imagined as a painful place. You are preventing yourself from ever knowing how beautiful the future can be for you. It’s okay to trust and open up.

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