Zodiac Signs

The 1 Question That’ll Make Every Zodiac Sign Fall In Love With You

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“Can I take you on a date?”

An Aries falls fast and easy. And since they’re already used to taking the lead, if you’re the one showing interest, that’ll get you much closer to their heart.

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“What should we watch?”

A Taurus loves to share their opinions. Better yet, they like it when you give them the power to choose what you do. If you show interest in the things they like, you’re in.

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“Did you hear what happened?”

Geminis love a bit of gossip–the wilder the better. They also like to be given the benefit of the doubt that they’re already in-the-know.

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“How did that make you feel?”

The quickest way to a Cancer’s heart is to show genuine interest in their feelings. Don’t just ask surface questions–delve deeper.

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“Can you do that again?”

Leos thrive on praise. If you show them that you like what they do and who they are, you’re already well on your way to true love. Even better, ask them to do it again.

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“Can you show me how to do it?”

Virgos are great at figuring out the best possible way to do something. Showing that you want to help in the way they like to do things, will end up with a ring on your finger.

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“Can you introduce me to your family?”

If their family and friends don’t like you, there’s no way a Libra will fall in love with you. And that’s exactly why you should show interest in meeting them as soon as possible.

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“What’s your dog’s name?”

If you’re trying to get to know a Scorpio, you won’t get there by asking deep questions. It takes forever for them to open up, so in the meantime, ask them about their dog/cat/pet tarantula.

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“Where will you take me on our honeymoon?”

The presumptuousness won’t put off a Sagittarius if they’re already attracted to you. Plus, they’ll get to go on and on about all the cool places they’ve been or want to go.

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“Do you need help with anything?”

Capricorns love to do things themselves and get a lot of value from hard work. While they might like help, they’d prefer you ask first rather than just doing it yourself.

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“Can you tell me all about your favorite hobby?”

Few things get an Aquarius hyped up like sharing knowledge of their hobby or obscure interest. Ask them about it and actually show interest in what they say and you’ll be soulmate material.

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“What do you need?”

A Pisces will do so much to help their friends, coworkers, family–everyone around them. It’s a lot harder for them to ask for help in return. If you see them struggling, show that you notice and care.

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