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That tells about your character, According to your Zodiac Sign

The astrological system of the Indians allows deep conclusions to be drawn about you as a person. This is completely different from our western astrology. We’ll tell you what your zodiac sign means in the horoscope of America’s early civilization.

The Indian zodiac signs:

The correct name for the natives of North America is in the USA, Native Americans or American Indians. In Canada, they are known as the “Frist Nations”. No matter in which part of North America they were and are to be found, the Indians have a fundamental bond with nature. They lived in the cycle of the seasons and were strongly oriented towards the animal world – this is also reflected very strongly in their concept of the horoscope. There are also 12 signs in their astrology, the so-called signs of the zodiac.

The ancient Indians were very close to nature: In their medicine, the earth was always related to the origin and healing of diseases. They believed that everyone should live in harmony with nature and its elements. The time of year in which a person was born therefore also shapes his character.

Native American astrology is fully focused on our environment – it consists of animals, also called totems. These are animals like otters, snakes, beavers or woodpeckers that reflect your character. In this way, you can get to know your personality, your subconscious, and your feelings better.

01/21 – 19.02. The otter: Aquarius

With the end of January to mid-February, the peak of winter is over. The sun is gaining strength again and nature is preparing to awaken from hibernation. The otter is a forward-looking creature and is very organized. The family only feels at home in a clean and tidy environment. The zodiac is an optimist, resourceful, and always quite imaginative. He loves freedom and has to go out into nature again and again to recharge his batteries. Sometimes the otter is prone to rebellious features and can be a little unsteady.

02/20 – 20.03. The wolf: fish

The wolf digs best in the pack, he is a loyal and loyal companion who stays with his partner for a lifetime. According to the Indian horoscope, this time of year is as varied as the wolf itself. He is adaptable, helpful, and sensitive, but can also be fearful and easy to influence.

03/21 – April 20 The falcon: Aries

Nature is now awakening in full life – so even the falcon-born sprouts with energy and zest for action. He is considered powerful, spontaneous, and cordial and is known among his friends as a pure optimist. You are impulsive and everything has to happen quickly, but it can happen that you act reckless, rash, and selfish.

04/21 – 20.05. The beaver: bull

The Biber-born is persistent, loyal, and creative. Spring is in full bloom and the plants are taking root. The beaver also needs a solid foundation on which to build. You need stability and continuity in your life. He loves decorating his home, keeps coming back to the “nest building” phases, and is very concerned about safety in his life.

05/21 – 21.06. The deer: twin

With his open and sociable manner, the deer-born quickly make new contacts and makes good friends. His neighbors are very important to him – they in particular understand his sometimes nervous and busy nature and can deal with it. He stands at the edge of the forest with his head held high and observes his surroundings. He attracts other people through his grace and friendliness. Just like nature, he has the power to bring about change, but he should be careful not to be too superficial towards other people.

22.06. – 07/22 The woodpecker: cancer

The sun shines in full power, this power is also in the woodpecker-born. He is always busy building his home, beautifying it, and making himself comfortable. He is especially caring and devoted to his fellow human beings. But he can also react quickly and hurt if someone accuses him of unfair things.

07/23 – 23.08. The salmon: lion

The salmon is a very persistent and ambitious zodiac sign. Like the salmon flocks in wild Canada, he swims diligently upstream and confidently does not avoid difficult tasks. He likes to take responsibility and has a warm demeanor. The Indian zodiac sign can still appear arrogant to others.

08/24 – 23.09. The brown bear: virgin

The warmest time of the year is now over, the trees are now bearing fruit and it is now up to the born brown bear to harvest this fruit. He is hardworking, future-oriented, and conscientious. Despite its powerful appearance, the brown bear is a gentle creature with a good-natured character.

24.09. – 23.10. The raven: Libra

Autumn begins and the leaves show their colorful garb. A westerly wind brings harmony and contemplation into the country. In the Indian horoscope, the raven shows a great ability to adapt, which copes well with all situations in life. He is helpful, diplomatic, and fair. The raven can be a little indecisive at times and needs some time to commit.

October 24 – 22.11. The snake: Scorpio

The snake-born is seen mysteriously and particularly cleverly in the Indian horoscope. The snake sheds its skin at regular intervals and always appears in new shapes. It is considered unfathomable and persistent. She needs a lot of time to show her true feelings.

11/23 – 21.12. The owl: Sagittarius

At the end of the calendar year the world comes to a little rest, the nights are longer than the days. The owl-born always has a full overview and is intuitive and idealistic. Plans are made for the time after winter, which can make the owl a little restless.

22.12. – 20.01. The goose: Capricorn

The shortest day is over, warmth and light gradually begin their fight against the frosty wintertime. The snow goose covers many kilometers during this time, which shows extraordinary perseverance and perseverance. In certain situations, however, it can also hold its own.

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