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Tarotscope For Today: Sunday, March 10, 2024

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Your Card: The Hermit

Lately, you might have been feeling incredibly emotionally overwhelmed. Like there’s a pressure cooker within you that is ready to burst. But you feel like you have to maintain this facade of having everything under control for the sake of everybody else. You fear that showing any signs of weakness will make others question you. This fear you have might be one of your own making. Today, take the time to retreat. Let go of whatever has been building inside of you and allow it to release. You can’t carry this weight like this forever. With the Super New Moon happening tomorrow night, now is the perfect time to ask yourself what you are willing to let go of to maintain order within your world.

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Your Card: Page of Wands

Sometimes in desperation, we look to the sky and ask for answers. We beg the universe for a sign. Asking for guidance and whether or not this path we are leading is the right one. With the Page of Wands, there is a good chance you will be receiving an answer in some form or another. Meaningful coincidences carry with them important messages. It’s the universe’s way of reassuring us or warning us. Listen closely to what your intuition is telling you and you’ll find the answers you’re looking for.

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Your Card: The Empress

You may feel out of balance internally today. Perhaps you’ve been leaning too heavily into your masculine energy, Gemini. As the sign of twins and duality, it is paramount for you to find inner balance. Today you are encouraged to embrace your feminine energy. Regardless if you’re a man or woman, all of us need to embrace both the masculine and feminine depending upon what is being called for us to do. Lean into beauty, and nurture the part of you that needs attention. Listen closely and remind yourself that feeling your emotions is not a weakness but rather a strength. To suppress how you truly feel will be to your detriment. There are some things you need to work through and today is the perfect day to begin this process in preparation for the Super New Moon to come. By tomorrow, you’ll feel more at peace once the balance is again restored.

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Your Card: Knight of Swords

You don’t have all the information that you need right now. Don’t make any hasty decisions, Cancer. You’re typically quite reactive at times, not always in a bad way, but it’s important to gain control of your emotions before you act. Sometimes, we mistake irrationality for logic when we are just driven by our unconscious emotional motives. There is more information coming, wait for it then make your decision. Don’t do anything you’re gonna regret or say things you can’t take back. Once you know the full story, you can charge forward like the Knight of Swords and reach a resolution with your more rational mindset.

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Your Card: Four of Cups

You may be feeling out of sorts lately. As if the flame that used to burn so bright within you has dimmed leading you to feel emotional indifference. It’s okay to slow down once in a while. You don’t always have to be overstimulated to feel like you’re living. Sometimes “seizing the day” means seizing your fucking couch and taking a break. I think a lot of people take that saying too literally and you are no exception, Leo. Just because you’re not as full of energy as you have been before doesn’t mean you should be concerned. Right now, the universe is allowing you a moment of stillness in preparation for what’s to come because, after today, you might be feeling incredibly overwhelmed. Don’t regret not allowing yourself the time to de-stress. Take advantage of this peace or else you’ll look back and wish you didn’t worry so much today.

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Your Card: Justice

You hold others to such a high standard but perhaps someone close to you has called you out on your own bullshit and it took you by surprise. You’re not a bad person, Virgo. As a matter of fact, you treat others with respect but you’ve been a bit selfish lately. Whoever this person is, they mean a lot to you and you feel like you’ve let them down. It’s hard to have to hear critiques on our character but it’s also necessary. Don’t think, it’s too late to make things right. Right now is the perfect time to make amends and show people who you truly are and what you stand for.

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Your Card: Ten of Cups

You have a beautiful day in store, filled with emotional satisfaction and fulfillment. Today you can reap the benefits of all that you’ve worked for. Your cup runneth over, Libra. Spend this day with those that you love the most and take the time to appreciate the little things and the big things. Today has been a long time coming and you will finally be able to take a deep breath and smile. There is an overwhelming sense of happiness you will experience. With the Ten of Cups, you’ve reached some sort of goal that you’ve worked hard for. Revel in it and really simmer in these emotions of gratitude.

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Your Card: Page of Pentacles

You’ve been undervaluing yourself and others are sensing this. There are goals you set for yourself that have yet to come to fruition. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to keep going if it feels like the world is against us and our dreams are too big for manifestation but this will become a self-fulfilling prophecy if you choose to believe this. Whatever it is you wish to accomplish, take it day by day starting right now. Simplify things. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Be patient and stop comparing yourself to what everyone else is doing. Work at your own pace. Today is a great opportunity for little wins that will eventually turn into bigger wins.

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Your Card: Page of Swords

Now is not the time to overthink things. Now is the time for action, Sagittarius. Today you may be receiving a great opportunity or an invitation from a close friend for a grand adventure. Embrace spontaneity and see where it takes you. In my opinion, the beginning of a great story comes from those chances we don’t normally take. The fondest memories happen when we plan the day to go one way, just for it to go in a completely opposite direction. See where the unknown takes you.

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Your Card: Knight of Cups

You hate the feeling that comes with being out of control of your emotions, Capricorn. You always fear that if you’re not thinking things through in the most practical way possible then shit will inevitably hit the fan. That is not the case today. No shit for fans to disperse in site, my friend. Allow yourself to feel everything. Today could be quite a romantic day for you. I know you had your itinerary figured out. You wanted to be productive and focus on your career goals and financial goals but don’t think your emotions are a distraction right now. They’re not. Maybe what your subconscious is trying to tell you is that it’s time for you to make the first move instead of waiting for them to initiate. Plan a romantic excursion and you won’t regret it.

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Your Card: Six of Cups

You might be feeling a little lost in life right now, Aquarius, and that’s okay. We all get lost from time to time. Especially me when I wake up from a nap. Regardless, if you’re feeling you don’t recognize yourself anymore, it’s time to reconnect with your inner child. Re-familiarize yourself with who that little guy inside you was. Remember who you were before life backed you in the corner and forced you to “grow up”. Growing up and being an adult doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Remember how magical and new the world used to be. Remember how the simple things felt like an adventure every time? Remember the color that painted the trees and the sky? That part of you isn’t gone forever. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit childish. That childlike manner fused with the maturity and complexity of adulthood is a great combination and remembering who we once were can guide us towards the things that make us happy.

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Your Card: Queen of Swords

With the Queen of Swords, you are being called to balance logic and emotions. Many make the mistake of thinking that logic trumps emotions but this is a fallacy. If we are listening to what is merely “logical” without acting on emotions, oftentimes we are missing the context of the full picture. People are not black and white. We are far more complex than that.

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Things are always easier said than done. Many make the mistake of believing that the Queen of Swords is a bitter woman but in actuality, she is quite connected to her intuition and emotions, she just doesn’t allow them to cloud her judgment. But this is something that you are inherently good at because considering your sign is connected to The Moon tarot card. If you feel as if the people around you aren’t listening to the things that you have to say and offer, consider this complication from a different perspective. Persuasion is about both logical appeal as well as emotional appeal.

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