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Tarotscope For Today: Sunday, February 25, 2024

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Your card: Page of Wands

You know that craft project you’ve been wanting to try for forever and still haven’t gotten around to doing? Now’s the perfect time to get started. If you don’t have the materials, go on a craft store run and pick up everything you need. End your Saturday with a cool new creative pursuit that may just end up eating up all your future freetime.

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Your card: The Magician

You’re particularly powerful today–especially if you actually channel that power into manifesting what you’ve always wanted. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. What daydream could you actually make a reality today? Now is the best time to finally make it happen.

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Your card: King of Pentacles

If you want to achieve big things, it takes discipline. While it’s helpful to have a boss looming over you making sure you do your work, sometimes you’re the only one holding you accountable. Take on that leadership role for yourself so you can live the dreams you’ve always wanted, starting today.

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Your card: Strength

Courage isn’t always your strong suit, but something will come up today that’ll need you to stay strong and unwavering. It’s not going to be easy, but if you can come out the other side with the right outcome, the boost you’ll have to your self-esteem will be so immense that it’ll carry you through the rest of the weekend.

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Your card: The Hierophant

You may be caught in a loop of tradition today. You have your routine for what you do with your time, like a classic Leo Saturday, but conforming so rigidly to those rules could be holding you back. Maybe going out of your comfort zone today would result in an amazing experience you’d otherwise miss out on.

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Your card: 5 of Swords

You might have an urge to win an argument today. Maybe you’re 100% sure that you’re in the right, so you’ve dug in your heels and aren’t budging. Though it may seem like a foreign concept, you don’t have to always be right or always be the “winner.” Not all fights are worth the effort, especially when feelings could get hurt.

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Your card: 3 of Cups

It’s Saturday–why not throw a party? You really don’t need an excuse to celebrate positive vibes with your friends. The guest list could be ultra small, just a little get together to eat snacks and watch movies from your childhood. Or it could be a huge impromptu bash no one will ever forget. You get to decide.

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Your card: Ace of Pentacles

Look for new opportunities today when it comes to wealth and your career. Maybe someone you know will mention an opening at their company. It could even be something small like selling a few things on Facebook Marketplace. Don’t let the little glimmers of opportunity pass you by unnoticed.

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Your card: Knight of Swords

Today is the perfect time to let your ambitions run wild. While other people might be having a lazy weekend, you’re better off getting things done. That trip you want to take? Finally book the flights. You want to start your own business? Draft a business plan. This is your time to take some giant steps forward.

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Your card: 4 of Cups

Today just isn’t your day. You’ll feel an apathetic disconnection from the world around you, and may just fill up the hours with mindless scrolling until you finally go to bed. We all have these days. While they’re annoying, it’s a part of life. Just remember that tomorrow is a fresh day.

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Your card: The Empress

While you’re normally not one to share your feelings–or want to hear others’–today is the day when that changes. You’ll have the opportunity to provide a listening ear to someone who’s going through a rough time. Be the emotional support and warmth that they need right now.

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Your card: 9 of Swords

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Your anxiety will be higher than ever today, creating a swirling mess of doom and gloom in your mind. Just because you’re starting the day under a dark cloud, that doesn’t mean you should just embrace it. Do the things that lift your mood. It may not turn things around completely, but it could certainly help.

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