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Tarotscope For Today: Saturday, February 17, 2024

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Your card: Temperance

Today, it’s necessary for you to take a step back. You may have been leaning too far into unhealthy behaviors or have let your impatience get the best of you, and this is your sign to refocus on balance and finding your peace. No matter what hardship you’re going through today—because it is likely you’ll be dealing with something stressful or unfavorable—resist your inherent urge to react and remember to remain calm: everything will be okay.

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Your card: Three of Wands, reversed

Today, you keep coming up short, Taurus. It might be that you lack the foresight necessary to make the correct calls, or that you feel too at home in your comfort zone to grow, or that you simply cannot seem to reach your goals thanks to unexpected roadblocks. Whatever it is, this energy is stagnant and frustrating, especially for someone who’s as driven as you are. Take this as a sign to look closely at your own role in these disappointments: Are you holding yourself back? Is there another path you can take to achieve success? Or is patience your best tool right now?

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Your card: The Chariot

You’re in control of your fate today, Gemini. You know what you want—there’s none of your trademark indecision here—and you’re ready to act. The road ahead may not be easy, but this card is a good sign that if you put in the work and the dedication, you’re on the path to success. Now is the time to draw on your courage and move forward—everything you want is just within reach.

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Your card: Two of Swords

Today is marked by a difficult decision, Cancer—perhaps one you don’t fully feel comfortable making the final call on. There doesn’t seem to be a right (or perhaps easy) answer, and as much as you’d like to continue to avoid taking any action, you’re finally starting to realize there is no one who can make this decision but you. It may be that it’s all coming to a head today, or maybe that you’re finally realizing you can’t keep avoiding anymore. Whatever it is, it’s causing a lot of turmoil for you. Decisiveness goes a long way, Cancer—carefully consider the pros and cons, then commit.

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Your card: Four of Wands, reversed

You’re the kind of person who enjoys the limelight, Leo, but today’s celebration is fit for one. You’ve hit a personal milestone or have finally realized you’ve found peace after a particularly tumultuous time, and while you might not be shouting about it from the rooftops, you’re incredibly proud of yourself. And you should be! Just because the rest of the world might not be pouring out a glass for you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Let yourself enjoy this time.

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Your card: Judgment

Today is about transformation for you, Virgo. It’s about letting go of what is no longer serving you, shedding your old skin, and letting yourself move toward a version of your life that feels more authentic to you. This may mean making a big decision, or it might just be a quiet time of reflection—however it looks for you, you likely won’t come out the other side the same. And you shouldn’t! Life is all about change, and a sign of a healthy mindset is growth. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, though, so don’t be hard on yourself if it doesn’t come as naturally to you as you might help. Sometimes there’s growth in the struggle, too.

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Your card: Knight of Wands, reversed

You may be full of energy right now, Libra, but you don’t necessarily have anywhere to direct it—you’re feeling inspired but restless, vibrant but directionless. There can be a lot of frustration or impulsiveness when this energy overtakes you, especially when it feels like powers outside of your control are at play here. This is a pretty clear sign that some grounding is important here—it’s important to think logically about what you’re doing, make a game plan, and move with purpose. You’re particularly good at balancing acts, so this is the time to put that skill to use.

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Your card: The Tower, reversed

There is a lot changing for you right now, Scorpio—at least, there is in your heart, in your head, in your gut. While your external surroundings might appear stable and unchanging to those around you, it’s actually you who’s going through the big transformation, and others might not exactly understand what’s happening. It’s possible you’re starting to recognize that an old way of life simply isn’t working for you anymore, or it might be you’re resisting a necessary change. When this card placement comes into play, your life isn’t going to look physically different than before, but you might see it in a different light than usual—allow yourself to explore why.

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Your card: Death

Today is about endings for you, Sagittarius—not literal death, but perhaps metaphorical. A cycle of your life is coming to a close, and you recognize it’s time to let go and move on. It’s important to remember here that what comes next is rebirth—a new beginning, the next step to becoming who you are. Today might be about wrapping up loose ends and making final decisions, but tomorrow is about the next chapter. You’re not one to get too sentimental, so choose to see this goodbye as a new hello—you are, after all, great at jumping into the unknown.

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Your card: The Lovers

Today’s theme is harmony for you, Capricorn. In love, you may believe you’ve finally found your soulmate; in work, you may feel like you’re finally on the right path and doing what you’re meant to be. Wherever this energy is directing itself, it’s about finally reaching alignment or what’s meant for you. That being said, this card is often about choice—you can choose to live authentically, or you can do what you think you’re supposed to. It’s a reminder to keep choosing the things that fill your cup, so if you’re stuck at a fork in the road, as yourself what truly fulfills you.

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Your card: Seven of Cups

Today is all about choices and opportunity for you, Aquarius. It may feel like some of them appear out of thin air, like magic; in fact, they may seem too convenient. It’s important that you really examine what’s being offered here, because it’s possible things aren’t as they seem and others might be trying to get you on board with something without showing you the whole picture. You may be tempted to make a choice based on ego, but use your trademark Aquarian logic to consider if this is something that actually aligns with what you want and who you are. As long as you’re careful and don’t let yourself get overwhelmed, this can be an exciting time.

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Your card: Five of Cups

You’re feeling disappointed and defeated today, Pisces. Something hasn’t panned out the way you hoped, and now you’re grieving over what could have been (or, in your opinion, should have been). You’ll probably spend the day sorting through this emotional turmoil, because it might not be something easily ignorable—you’re the kind of person who feels their feelings, and compartmentalizing something this heavy might pose a challenge for you.

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That being said, this card is also a reminder: No matter what you’re going through, don’t ignore the good that’s still there. Don’t focus so much on the pain that it drowns everything else out.

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