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Tarot Card Tells You What Will Trigger Each Zodiac On June 15 (When Mars Squares Pluto)

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Aries – 10 of Pentacles

It seems weird that the Rams would take offense at the abundance embodied by the 10 of Pentacles. However, it’s important to remember that Aries are always on the cutting edge. Meeting standard definitions of success can cool this zodiac’s ardor. Consequently, this card can be a wake-up call for Aries to set some more daring goals…then crush them, too.

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Taurus – Ace of Pentacles

Taurus loves new ways to make money. Unfortunately, mid-June can find this sign feeling overburdened. That’s why, when the Bull gets a fresh opportunity (in the form of the Ace of Pentacles), it will feel like a red cape is being waved in their face. This zodiac can maintain their cool by delegating unwanted tasks to other members of their team…or just ditching these jobs altogether.

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Gemini – Knight of Swords

Usually, Gemini enjoys moving at a mile a minute. That won’t be the case toward the middle of the month when everyone will be demanding an audience with this zodiac. The Knight of Swords represents someone who is continually in motion. If the prospect of attending one more meeting or conference fills Gemini with dread, they’d be wise to cancel some appointments.

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Cancer – 9 of Wands

The Crab’s leadership ability is obvious to everyone. That’s why this zodiac is continually assuming heavy responsibilities. But when the 9 of Wands show up in their reading, it’s time for Cancer to stop volunteering and start setting boundaries. Otherwise, mid-June will be a time of tremendous anxiety. Extra sleep could be the key to stress-busting for Crabs in mid-June.

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Leo – The Hierophant

In mid-June, the Lion’s trigger is simple: The System. The Hierophant represents traditional systems and licensed officials. These structures and people will drive this zodiac around the bend. Unfortunately, defying authority could get Leo in a lot of trouble around June 15th. Therefore, this zodiac should prepare by practicing anger management techniques early and often.

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Virgo – Queen of Swords

A cold, calculating woman could drive Virgo around the bend in mid-June. As symbolized by the Queen of Swords, this individual will seek every opportunity to outmaneuver the competition. And as far as this lady is concerned, everyone is competition! This attitude bothers Virgins. As the problem-solvers of the zodiac, they prefer collaboration to combat.

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Libra – King of Wands

A fiery man who is all style and no substance (aka The King of Wands) will cause Libra’s blood pressure to spike around June 15th. As someone who prides themselves on their expert knowledge, Librans are offended by flashy blowhards. This means that when a braggart challenges their authority, this zodiac can have a meltdown. Beautiful music can soothe this savage beast.

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Scorpio – The Tower

After working hard to construct a secure foundation, Scorpio could be blindsided by its breakdown. Although The Tower represents a structure that needs to break down for the sake of healthy growth, Scorpions won’t see it that way. The best way for this zodiac to prepare for upheaval is to take a few days off to vent their anger, process their grief, and recover their cool.

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Sagittarius – Justice

The appearance of the Justice card suggests that the letter of the law will be too strict for Sagittarius in mid-June. Instead of making allowances for special circumstances, an authority figure may punish the Archer for a small transgression. The best way to for this zodiac to avoid trouble is to obey the rules, even when they’re inconvenient or incur extra costs.

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Capricorn – 2 of Pentacles

Although the Goat is famous for their fantastic work ethic, there is a limit to even their endurance. The 2 of Pentacles suggests that striking a healthy work-life balance will be a challenge for Capricorn near June 15th. An unreasonable client or employer may insist that this zodiac put in extra hours to meet a tight deadline. Negotiating future time off may be necessary.

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Aquarius – 6 of Wands

As the most community-minded member of the zodiac, Aquarius is bothered by displays of egotism. The 6 of Wands indicates that this zodiac will struggle with an arrogant individual who insists on taking credit for a successful group effort. If the Water-bearer wants to avoid stress near June 15th, they’ll turn a deaf ear to this narcissist. Nobody will be fooled by this braggart, anyway.

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Pisces – 4 of Wands

4 of Wands usually symbolizes a happy occasion, like a marriage. Unfortunately, this is just the type of announcement that could drive Pisces around the bend in mid-June. This zodiac may feel jealous of the happy couple. Alternatively, the Fish might feel like an outsider who doesn’t share the same dreams as everyone else. Practicing an attitude of gratitude can prove therapeutic.

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