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The stars reveal to us which zodiac sign the primacy of stubbornness belongs. He’s stubborn as a mule and he doesn’t listen to anyone.

He is a solar, sociable, and epicurean sign, however, what makes him known is his extreme stubbornness. He is often told that he is stubborn as a mule, do you already understand which zodiac sign it is?

There are very diplomatic signs, open to the thought of others who know how to listen and judge without being influenced. And then there are signs that are less open and less able to compromise. Finding common ground with them is a tall order. When they are convinced of something it is impossible to dissuade them and they do not come to terms. They close in a hedgehog and do not intend to listen to anyone. Among these signs stands the King of the stubborn. He stands firm in his position no matter what happens. Does this description remind you of anyone? And what sign is that someone?

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The most stubborn astrological sign of the zodiac is TAURUS

No compromises with the sign of Taurus, either you do as he says or nothing. Not very diplomatic and stubborn when he is convinced that he is right, nothing can move him. It is no coincidence that Taurus has won the belt of the most stubborn native of the zodiac!

Taurus is an Earth sign, he never questions himself and asks himself a few questions. Taurus is undoubtedly a commendable sign for its many qualities, it is a sign in hand, calm and sociable but unfortunately, he too is not immune to defects and his biggest defect is so accentuated as to have earned him a primacy: the plus sign stubborn zodiac.

Stubbornness is his sore point. The earth, the predominant element of him gives him the ability to always have his feet firmly on the ground as if his legs were centuries-old roots. Firm, impassive, adamant, this is how this sign shows itself when he is convinced that he is on the side of reason.

The words of the others have the same clamor about him as the rustle of the wind on the leaves, they just move him, tickling him. In reality, the Taurus lets you talk but he will not listen to a single word of what you say and will never come to terms.

He is really convinced that he is always right for this he does not give up and is the best advisor himself let alone if he accepts advice from someone else. No one can ever bend or break this Taurus determination.

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