Zodiac Signs

This Is Why You Struggle With Self-Love, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: March 21st-April 19th

You’re too competitive.

Truth be told, most people would have a hard time believing you ever have self-doubt, because your confidence radiates everywhere you go. Yet what people tend to miss is how often you’re looking around the room and sizing yourself up compared to everyone else. Your competitive nature spends more time than it should point out what you don’t have, what you don’t look like, and what you haven’t done yet. Give yourself a break and try to focus on the things you have accomplished and what you do bring to the table. You will be pleasantly surprised when you aren’t too busy comparing yourself to everyone else.

Taurus: April 20th-May 20th

You only feel you can love yourself when everything is secure and stable.

You like it when everything is in order and everything is going according to plan and there really isn’t anything wrong with that. Yet the moment things seem to go off track or change comes to rock your world, it’s as if all your confidence crumbles to the ground. It’s okay if everything in life isn’t perfect—including yourself. You are still an incredible person despite if things are secure or if they are all over the place. You just need to take a moment to realize that.

Gemini: May 21st-June 20th

You think you have to have all the answers before you can love yourself/know everything.

You like to have the answers, and because of how much you love discovering and exploring new concepts, you have more answers than most people around you. You tend to think that once you’ve determined all the answers to your life, you’ll finally love yourself completely and fully. Yet the humbling truth is no one has all the answers, not even you, and that is more than okay. You have a great head on your shoulders and an incredible spontaneity about you. Remember that even when there doesn’t seem to be an answer.

Cancer: June 21st-July 22nd

You only love yourself if someone else loves you.

We all have a desire to be loved by someone, but you tend to take the cake in your desire for it, Cancer. We all want to know that someone can look at us, see our best and our worst sides, and still believe we are worth loving. While that can (and does) feel great, you forget that you are a person capable of loving yourself in that exact same way and you should, because your worth isn’t hinged on the love of another person towards you. You are such a beautiful soul who is worth so much more than believing you need another person in order to be loved.

Leo: July 23rd-August 22nd

You only love yourself if EVERYONE loves you.

I know we could go on all day about your love for the spotlight, and your love for being the center of attention. Truth be told is so many people do love being around you: You bring warmth, a sense of humor, and a fearless nature that people would love to embody the way you do. Yet once you start noticing the ones who don’t love you, the ones who reject and criticize you, you start to wonder if you’re really all that you’re cracked up to be—and you are. There will be people in this world you don’t like, and that is normal. It doesn’t change the incredible person the rest of the world knows you to be so don’t let it change your perception of you, either.

Virgo: August 23rd-September 22nd

You tear yourself down inside your own mind.

We know you want things to be the best they can possibly be. Call it high standards, call it perfectionism, but you really are just striving to be the best possible version of yourself. However, in doing so, you find yourself nitpicking away at yourself, listing all the ways you’re not doing enough, trying enough, being enough. The thoughts wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t find yourself believing them. At the end of the day, this world needs someone just like you to push it forward and keep it moving. Don’t allow that voice inside your head to be the dominant one that determines the way you view yourself, because trust me, no one else is viewing you that way.

Libra: September 23rd-October 22nd

You’re too scared to defend yourself when it’s called for. 

You are someone who would love nothing more than to keep the peace. You would rather step aside or say nothing rather than be the reason a conflict breaks out, and while that is understandable, there are times when speaking up is necessary. After so many times of allowing people to talk all over you and take advantage of you, you start to believe this is something you deserve. You start to look at yourself as a thing to be stepped on, and that is just not true. Don’t be afraid to step up and defend yourself when it’s called for. Don’t be afraid to show the rest of the world just how amazing you are.

Scorpio: October 23rd-November 21st

You chase after the toxic and invulnerable things.

Everyone is drawn to you, Scorpio. They find you irresistible and intriguing, and as well they should because you are. Yet the ones you find yourself chasing after are the people and the things that only drag you down, that allow you to keep your guard up. You know that being vulnerable comes with its own set of risks, and opening up in that real way can be scary. Yet by surrounding yourself with the people who let you keep your walls up, you are tearing yourself down by allowing yourself to be mistreated and humiliated over and over again. You deserve more than believing you are only worth the ones who will never fully love or appreciate you. Try opening up to the right kind of people and I bet you’ll be amazed about what could happen.

Sagittarius: November 22nd-December 21st

You chase after everything and never feel fully satisfied.

You love to explore the world around you, and you find yourself always off on the next adventure, whatever that may be. Yet as time goes on, you realize you rarely ever stop and look around to see the things you have, because you’re too busy chasing the next new thing, and it leaves you feeling unsatisfied. You have such an optimistic and adventurous streak to you, and it doesn’t hurt to take a look at everything you have around you, as well as take a look in the mirror and remember that who you are isn’t predicated on how much you end up experiencing in this world. Remember that you’re worth loving even if you feel like you don’t always get everything you chase after.

Capricorn: December 22nd-January 19th

Your expectations of yourself are too high.

You spend a lot of your time, and your life for that matter, pushing yourself to achieve the next step. You work insanely hard and it’s admirable, but what most may not realize is how often you’re pushing yourself to adhere to the expectations you’ve set for yourself inside your mind. You’ve always been high-achieving, and everyone else tells you so, yet even if you don’t achieve the next level that you’re so desperately striving for, this doesn’t mean you are worthless. You have so much to bring to this world, and it’s not all about being successful. Listen to me: You are still worth loving even if you aren’t always successful.

Aquarius: January 20th-February 18th

You worry that you’re not like everyone else.

In most cases, the fact that you are so unique and completely unlike anyone else is the reason you are so confident, Aquarius. Yet we both know this can be a double-edged sword because it’s also the reason you struggle to love yourself. You don’t always see, think, or do things the way the world around you does, and it can be easy to sink into the thoughts that there is something wrong with you, or that you’re too difficult to love and accept. Please remember how untrue this is. You may not do things the way everyone else does, but it’s one of the many reasons the rest of the world does love and appreciate you. So please, do the same for yourself.

Pisces: February 19th-March 20th

You try to take on the rest of the world’s issues and base your value on how much you’re able to help.

Your empathy and compassion seem to know no bounds, Pisces. You have such a beautiful ability to listen and understand others and their struggles, and while that is something to be admired, it can also take a toll on you. You tend to feel everyone else’s problems and take them on as your own, while also making it your constant goal to fix them. While you may be able to help some people, you can’t help them all, and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean you don’t deserve love. It doesn’t mean you should view yourself as a failure simply because you’re not capable of solving everyone else’s issues. Please remember that you have so many incredible abilities that the people around you cherish and adore, so take some time to do the same for yourself. You’ll be better off in the long run.

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