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Stay Far Away From A Guy Like This, Based On Your Birth Month


Stay far away from anyone who lies like it’s easy. Anyone who makes excuses and tells half-truths that won’t add up. Anyone who you’re unable to trust because you’re never sure whether they’re being one hundred percent real with you.


Stay far away from anyone who you cannot be your most authentic self around. Anyone who makes you feel even the slightest bit uncomfortable, like you’re walking on eggshells during conversations. Anyone who makes you feel judged and uncertain when you should be feeling valued and loved.


Stay far away from anyone who acts like your vulnerability is a weakness. Anyone who accuses you of being too needy or clingy and encourages you to tone it down. Anyone who fails to appreciate that your kindness and sensitivity are superpowers.


Stay far away from anyone who discourages your dreams. Anyone who encourages you to give up instead of cheering you on. Anyone who tears you down and makes you feel smaller instead of building you up and reminding you that you have what it takes to succeed.


Stay far away from anyone who pressures you to change. Who doesn’t respect it when you utter the word no. Who makes you feel guilty about your boundaries because you aren’t giving them exactly what they want when they want it.


Stay far away from anyone who expects you to give more than they’re willing to offer themselves. Anyone who demands your time and attention, even though they won’t come when you need them. Anyone who thinks that you should bend to their will while they get to do whatever they want without rules.


Stay far away from anyone who takes advantage of your soft heart. Anyone who uses your kindness as a weapon and guilt trips you into doing things that you are uncomfortable with. Anyone who begs for a million favors, even though they would never lift a finger for you in return.


Stay far away from anyone who refuses to put in their fair share of the effort. Anyone who expects you to send the first text, plan dates, and pretty much keep the relationship alive on your own. Anyone who refuses to act as an equal, as a real teammate, because they think you can handle everything for them.


Stay far away from anyone who makes a habit out of breaking promises. Who is unable to follow through on the things that they swore they were going to do, no matter how big or small they might be. Anyone who is too inconsistent and unreliable to count on.


Stay far away from anyone who gets genuine enjoyment out of fighting with you. Anyone who mistakes screaming for passion and jealousy for love. Anyone who brings out your worst side when they should be bringing out your best.


Stay far away from anyone who crosses boundaries unapologetically. Anyone who accuses you of overreacting and being overemotional. Anyone who completely disregards your thoughts and opinions because they couldn’t care less about what you want and only care about their own needs.


Stay far away from anyone who treats you like an inconvenience. Anyone who values your body more than your thoughts or your opinions. Anyone who doesn’t want to hang out with you, unless it’s on their terms and they’re making all the decisions.

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