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What is your soul symbol Your month of birth gives you the answer

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There is much debate about the existence of the soul. Researchers are doing extensive research on the subject. According to some researchers, everything we experience and perceive is just a reflection of our mind.

Researchers explained that objects only exist with real properties if they are viewed. Space and time are the tools of the mind with which everything can be put together and therefore part of our mind, our soul, exists outside of space and time.

The question now is: what does your soul symbol reveal about you?

There are many ways in which our soul reflects our personality. One way to find out is to look at our month of birth. If we look at the month you were born and analyze that month’s soul symbol, your personality can be calculated.

Let’s find out!

January – dragon:

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Like the first month of the year, you’re the one everyone follows. You have a strong will and the potential to overcome anything you encounter on your way. However, keep that temper you have under control. That could be a little problem; Getting angry is not a good solution for everything.

February – Phoenix:

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As you burn to ashes like the soul symbol, the phoenix, you rise again stronger and more powerful. You are incredibly persistent, which is the primary source of your strength.

March – Yin-Yang:

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You look for balance in everything and always consider the good and bad sides of every person. You have a positive approach to life and situations. However, you tend to only pay attention to the good and always negotiate and solve problems. Just be a little careful because some people are too toxic to be good.

April – lion:

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You are filled with immense passion and therefore very brisk and brave. You take on the challenges you face and are loyal to the core. You protect those you love and would risk your own life to care for your clan.

May – Wolf:

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As the leader of the pack, you sometimes prefer loneliness and you often don’t mind staying in the shade. You are always there for those you love and whoever threatens your loved ones must pass you first.

June – fish:

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You are the carefree spirit of the sea and value freedom alone in life. You avoid responsibility, which is not very realistic for you. Do not ignore your instincts as they are your greatest strength.

July – fire:

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You are always guided by passion and when something is important to you there is no going back. Be it your career, the relationship or things that you enjoy: Everything is simply of high intensity for you. However, you need to keep this passion under control so that it doesn’t turn into an obsession.

August – horse:

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Like the free-spirited horse, you live freely in the wilderness, always on the way to new adventures. You also value your work ethic. Trust yourself and you will travel miles in your life.

September – flower:

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Everything about you is about calm serenity and peace. You give beauty to this nasty world. The warmth you radiate makes people pause for a while in their fast-paced existence and enjoy the peace.

October – star:

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You are the guiding star for everyone who always shows the way. For you, success is not about you, but how you inspire others. However, you also have to give yourself time and practice a little self-love so that you don’t burn out.

November – tree:

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You are the support system for everyone else. You offer refuge and, like the tree, give everything to others. But don’t you think that you should also give your own roots water?

December – water:

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Like changing water, you always behave differently in different situations. You can be the calm of your friends, but if you are whipped up by the storm, you can be as dangerous as the swirling waves – ready to face anything you encounter.

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