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Sometimes Love Isn’t Romantic At All

Movies and books have painted a specific version of love. Love is when prince charming wakes up the sleeping princess through a true love’s kiss. Love is when the world stops spinning and the birds start singing whenever your eyes meet. Love is when he fights dragons, moves mountains, and crosses oceans for you. Love is when he turns his back from all his money and riches and chooses to be with you for eternity.

Sure, love can be beautiful, glamorous, and ostentatious. But there’s more to love than any of that.

Love doesn’t have to be as obvious or romantic in order for it to be real. In fact, some of the purest forms of love are not even romantic at all.

Love is when your mother first realized she was pregnant with you and decided from that moment to always be on your side no matter what. Love is how your father protects you from anything that may harm you—sometimes that means protecting you even from yourself. Love is how your sister supports you and believes in you with all her heart. Love is when your little brother willingly shares his favorite chocolates when you’re having one of your days.

Love is when your grandmother saves food for you when you come home late because she knows you will be hungry. Love is when your grandfather builds you a dollhouse using old weathered wood as it is the only material he has available, which turned out to be the best dollhouse in the world.

Love is when your teacher goes out of their way to train you, nurture you, and impart wisdom far more than what was required in the curriculum.

Love is when your friends remember your birthday and throw you a surprise party, considering all your favorites. Love is remembering the details about the movie or book your best friend likes. Love is waiting for your friends for hours because you miss them so much and just want to spend the day with them.

Love is when a stranger offers to pay for your bill when you forgot your wallet. Love is when a CEO shows the same respect to a janitor as to the respect he shows to investors. Love is when your boss decides to provide his loyal employees a retirement plan, even if that means giving money from his own pocket.

Love is having at least one person in the world who will pick up your call in the middle of the night, listen to you blabber about your nightmare, and calm you down until you fall asleep.

Most of all, love is when God gave up His own son to save you. How He paints the sky with the most beautiful colors, especially when you’re having a bad day. How He always ensures to put people in your life exactly where and when you need them most. How He blesses you, corrects you, and redirects your path.

Love is having the assurance that no matter what happens, you will be alright, as you are surrounded by those who love you most.

Honey, love doesn’t have to be showy or cheesy. Love doesn’t have to be soppy or cliche. Love doesn’t have to be passionate or intimate. It just has to be real.

The world is full of love. We just need to open our hearts to see it.

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