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Signs You’re In Love, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Every person goes a little bit out of their mind when they’re in love. It’s a fact. However, they still react differently.

Some people are more lovey-dovey, while others are more restrained and some people believe it depends on their zodiac sign.

In case you’re one of them, like I am, here’s your sign in love:


Aries in love will make you feel like you’re the star of some badass movie. I’m talking bikes, leather and on the road type of movie, living freely and loving wildly.

Always on the go, they will do crazy things for you and they will be loud about it. And that’s sexy.

There’s just something very hot about the fact that you’re wanted passionately and that’s what fiery Aries does. If they’re into you, they’re into you 100%.

However, after some time, you may notice they are sometimes overly demanding.

It’s great they love being a leader but relationships are about two, not one.


There’s nothing a Taurus loves more than making their partner satisfied. That’s the word—satisfied. They act like that’s their life’s mission.

They love stuffing you with the most amazing fancy food and drinks and make sure you go back for more after spending time in their (unnecessarily) luxurious bed.

They like to be comfortable, so that’s what you can expect—a very loving and pleasant time.

I must warn you—once they start loving you, there’s no going back. They will love you forever and won’t let you go. Yeah, sometimes that can be alarming.


Gemini. This one’s tough to crack. Why? Because there’s no obvious way you can know.

They are very smart, very quick, good at changing the course of a conversation, good at hiding their feelings and they always leave you guessing. But guess what?

There’s one thing that may be a reliable indicator—they will keep trying to communicate with you. If they’re texting you and wanting to spend time with you, they’re into you.

There’s no way a Gemini would insist on talking to someone whom they find boring.

Their mind is too quick for that. If you stimulate their mind enough, they are yours. If you show them something they didn’t know about, they will stay.


Cancer is one to admit they’re in love first, even if they’re shy. There’s no second-guessing with Cancers.

They’re one of the most lovable and sweet zodiac signs who knows how to take care of their partner.

They show love by doing what are considered traditionally romantic things; things like cooking you dinner (a homey dinner, not a fancy one), remembering to buy you flowers and important dates.

They will make sure you know they love you; that’s a very important thing to them.

If you break Cancer’s heart, count on months of receiving petty and sad mixed with ‘Will you come back to me’ messages. Just saying.


Leos love grandiosity, which is expected. If you’re Leo’s partner, better prepare to be in the spotlight.

They will adore you. There will be love generously thrown at you.

They do everything in a big style and it’s the same with love, including physical love; there’s no doubt about that.

They might do something creative for you, like paint your portrait or sing you a song.

Make sure that you show them you appreciate their generosity.


Virgo may not be the most expressive sign but they are surely the most devoted sign.

They love showing little signs of love based on your preferences. Virgo’s motto is that the little things matter.

It’s easy for them to notice things other people don’t because they have an eye for detail and care for others deeply in a very pure way.

And that makes you feel like the happiest person in the world because you feel so appreciated and valid.

On the other side of the coin, they can become somewhat clingy. Their ability to understand others deeply sometimes makes them forget they are their own person.


Here comes the queen of love: Libra.

Libra in love is a hopeless romantic. They like feeling special. The more you compliment them, the more you earn their devotion.

They will listen to anything you say. Basically, once in love, a Libra becomes the epitome of the saying ‘love is blind’.

And that’s no surprise once you know Venus is their ruling planet. What else can you expect?

Harmony is what they want and sometimes it comes at a great price, so watch out for that.


If you’re into an intense and passionate relationship, the original sin kind, find yourself a Scorpio. You won’t regret it… unless you betray them. Scorpio is the ultimate ride or die type.

They will do anything, and I mean anything, for you but the same goes for when they feel betrayed.

If you’re not planning on betraying your Scorpio, then you’re in for a great, deep and meaningful relationship.

You’ll have someone who will always make sure your needs are fulfilled and that you feel loved. Just don’t play around.


Sagittarius in love is pure fun. If you want the lovey-dovey stuff, they’re not the one but if you want to experience the best time of your life, then yes, they are the one.

Everything they do will be so full of life and packed with enthusiasm. They will probably take you to someplace you have never been.

For Sagittarius, love is an adventure, like everything else in their life. While they don’t express love verbally, they love to indulge in physical love.

If you prefer watching Netflix and chilling rather than taking a night swim at some wild beach, I advise you to pass.


If Capricorn likes you, you’ll know it. They value their time and don’t like playing around.

They are not the type to say ‘I love you’ too often but they could buy you something you wanted for a long time instead, as they are good at reading what people crave.

Planning for the future with their partner is their favorite hobby because they love being strategic, prepared and enjoying all the things life can give you, with a big emphasis on material things.

Capricorns in love are loyal and their love is practical and long-lasting. If you want a comfortable life, take a chance with Capricorn.


Aquarians are proud weirdos of the zodiac and that goes for their love too.

If they like you, they make sure you know it, in the most unusual ways, such as telling inside jokes, making gifts only you two understand and so on.

In a way, they like the feeling of exclusivity and that’s how they will treat you.

If they appear uninterested, don’t fall for it. That’s just how they are. Looking uninterested is just their style.


Pisces is the biggest dreamer in the zodiac. What does that tell us about their love?

They fall hard. No one can idealize a person as much as Pisces can. If Pisces were a book, they would be a fairy tale book for sure.

Feeling deeply is a characteristic that makes them a great lover.

You will have a great time basking in their attention and love that’s one of a kind.

There’s a high chance they will call you their soulmate right after they meet you, so try not to freak out. That’s just how they are.

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