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Are you (or do you think you are) one of those truly embarrassing zodiac signs? Let’s find out right away if you are part of that small circle of people who are happy to make others uncomfortable!

Yes, some people enjoy making others uncomfortable. Have you ever met one?
Whether it’s making nasty comments out loud or just screaming and showing off when they’re with you, these people never miss an opportunity to make a fool of themselves (and make you) ridiculous.

How scary!
Today we asked the stars and planets to help us better define who these people might be so that we have a list of zodiac signs to stay away from. How about: is it better to check the top five positions?

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The embarrassing zodiac signs: These signs can’t wait to make you uncomfortable, be careful

Everyone will have, sooner or later, found themselves in a situation of profound embarrassment even if in sociality.
Maybe the “fault” is ours or it is our clothes, which get stained or break at the worst moment. At other times, however, the cause of our embarrassment may simply be the presence of another person.

Help, what can we do?
Well, it depends on the person who is embarrassing us: is it someone who does it without realizing it, or is it someone who enjoys seeing us uncomfortable?
We asked the stars and planets if there were any ” embarrassing ” zodiac signs, that is, capable of making your life a real hell. The answer, much to our surprise, was yes!

Here, then, is the ranking of embarrassing zodiac signs: avoid them if you don’t want to always find yourself uncomfortable!

Cancer: fifth place

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Dear Cancers, it is useless to ignore it or make a surprised face: you know very well how much you like to make others uncomfortable, even if you don’t always do it!
Cancers, in fact, particularly like to analyze others and snatch their “secrets” and the most obvious weaknesses together with the hidden ones.

Too bad, however, that when they intend to strike for Cancers there is no longer anything private or sacred. Sure, you must have teased them but we can assure you that Cancers are looking forward to embarrassing you in public (and they can do it without a problem too!).

Taurus: fourth place

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Taurus is also particularly capable of embarrassing others and they too, whatever they want to say, love to do it! Taurus
are people who certainly don’t like wasting time on superficial chatter or long turns of phrase.

They almost always get straight to the point and don’t care about the people around you.
They have a particularly sharp attitude and love to put others in trouble – be careful when in conversation with Taurus!

Capricorn: third place

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Well yes, if you had always doubted that your Capricorn friend was amusing your embarrassment, today you have the confirmation.
Capricorns, in fact, particularly like to make others uncomfortable even just by remaining silent or ignoring them.

Capricorns are among the embarrassing zodiac signs because they love to make others feel at fault and have a long list of ways to achieve their goal.
For Capricorns, making others uncomfortable is an optimal way to have an advantage that they will then exploit to get what they want. They can be particularly malicious about it!

Aquarius: second place

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Those born under the sign of Aquarius do not mind seeing others in difficulty: if they can they will make fun of you or make you uncomfortable for no apparent reason!
Let’s try to understand each other better: are Aquarius just bad?

The answer of course is noAquarians are people who, often and willingly, do not realize the impact they have on others.
So Aquarians like to comment and make other people uncomfortable? Yes, sure, but they don’t always do it consciously.

For them, it is normal to shoot full-blown judgments on others because they are the first to comment and judge themselves!
If, however, Aquarians are also used to making a fool of themselves in front of others and forgetting everything with a laugh, it is difficult for others to align themselves with this way of doing. Too bad the Aquarius don’t always understand this!

Libra: first place in the ranking of the most embarrassing zodiac signs of the horoscope

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There is nothing to do, dear Libra, by now we have discovered you! Those born under the sign of Libra, in fact, particularly like to note the embarrassment or discomfort of others.
For them, it is a game and a lot of fun too!

Libra is a sign that is praised (with the risk, as the cliché goes, of “ getting wet ”) quite often.
They never make fun of themselves very much and are very serious when it comes to their goals, achievements, and characteristics. This is an understandable and optimal way of doing when it comes to oneself: it is a pity, however, that Libra is not courteous in the same way together with others!

For Libra, making fun of others embarrassing them, or making them uncomfortable is almost a fundamental step. They need it to be able to have an advantage over others as if their successes and their skills weren’t enough!

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