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What Is It That Each Sign Forgets And Is Breaking Its Own Heart

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Be the magic you want to attract, all you need is in you. Sometimes we forget that we deserve, that we are worthy, and that we are not here to beg for anything. Loving you nourishes you, gives you the strength and security you need to be able to give your heart to the other. You are breaking your own heart when you forget about yourself , when you depend on what others think. Each zodiac sign does it in its own way and they can end up smashed:

1- Aries

Aries, sometimes you forget that you have resilience in your pores , that your soul was born to fight, you are the warrior of the zodiac, please do not give up now. You have already gone through strong things before, in which you felt that your heart broke into a thousand pieces and still you continued on. Do not forget to be proud of yourself, because you have managed to go far. Maybe you feel that you are not in the place you dreamed of, but you are on the right track, it is not time to throw in the towel, it is time to breathe deeply and not stop. You can!

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2.- Taurus

Between work, pressures and your aspirations, your life can go away. Sometimes, they are so busy that you forget the most important thing, you are not eternal and nobody is assured of tomorrow . Every now and then it’s okay to disconnect from everything and just do those things that get your heart fluttering. You are much more than something material, than a social position, do not overdo it because ambition can become your worst enemy. Please give yourself the break you deserve.

3.- Gemini

Gemini, sometimes, your hurried soul does not understand reasons, you get hooked on what you want to achieve and forget everything. You have to know that your work is not everything, that your mind needs a break, not knowing anything about anyone and simply focusing on what makes your heart vibrate. I know that it is difficult to give yourself that opportunity, that your dreams are big and that you have the capacities to achieve them, but please remember that your mental, emotional and physical health are paramount.

4.- Cancer

Cancer, it is very possible that many times you feel like a half sigh, that desire to want and not be able. And it is that you give too much, so much that it becomes exhausting. Suddenly you forget that you are important, that there are a lot of people out there who would give anything to see you smile. There are many people who love you, who may not show it like you, but they are there and they are not going to let you go. They are the ones who have shown you their support through thick and thin. Do not forget, because you are worth too much.

5.- Leo

Between the desire for perfection, hard work, and wanting all the attention to fall on you, you can become a machine. In that person who puts aside his emotions in order to please others. Leo, sometimes you forget that life is not perfect , that you have a human side capable of making mistakes and that is fine. You push yourself too hard and hold back your tears, as if collapsing isn’t an option. No one has the right to judge you and you shouldn’t feel guilty for running away for a while.

6.- Virgo

Behind a meticulous, intelligent and distrustful soul hides a being that only wants to break a little, but you do not give him the opportunity. You have become your worst critic and have forced yourself to believe that life is a competition, that every day you have to be someone better and, there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve, the problem is that you are ending your health, that the Desire to be productive is exhausting you and that although it seems that everything is fine, in reality you don’t even give yourself time to cry.

7.- Libra

Libra you have an incredible ability to decorate everything, it is difficult for you to accept that there is evil in the other and that no matter how much you want there are people who will never change. Sometimes you forget that a little determination is not wrong. You do not have to say yes, to everything, setting limits is healthy, it is putting yourself as a priority and as long as you are well you can help those who really need it, but do not let parasites take advantage of your kindness.

8.- Scorpio

Scorpio … you are so good, that you prefer to look like the bad guy before someone you love gets hurt. You have decided to put on a huge shell, where you only want to protect those important people, but by always being there for others, you are forgetting yourself. It is not so good to give everything, it is not so good to squeeze yourself until you forget your own essence, because you need yourself more than ever.

9.- Sagittarius

Sagittarius, sometimes, you get lost in so much optimism, it seems that you have all the energy to lift the other, but where are you? You have forgotten that you are the writer of your own story, that you cannot advance if you are always aware that others do not fall. In the end, you are giving up to meet the expectations of others. Do not forget that the control is in your hands, that no matter how crazy the idea that crosses your mind, if you want, go for it.

10.- Capricorn

Capricorn, between so much discipline you forget about yourself. What do you want? What do you dream of? What do you plan to do to start changing? You are torturing yourself and belittling everything you have achieved, if you do not begin to respect yourself, rest assured that no one else will. You repeat yourself so many times that you are miserable that you are believing it. You are more than your achievements, pause and give yourself the opportunity to know yourself thoroughly, to feel how your heart flutters with what you really love.

11.- Aquarius

Aquarius I know that sometimes it seems that there is no way out, that you try to open one door and two close. But you have to trust that the bad streak is not going to last forever, that it is temporary and that good things are coming. It’s okay if you want to cry, yell, and get angry. Let all your emotions out, do not keep anything, because you are not here to accumulate grudges. You are much more than what you are living, do not forget that you are worth it , that you have come out of worse and that you have the courage to achieve it once more.

12.- Pisces

Pisces I know that your heart gets you in trouble, that your supportive side does not understand reasons when it comes to helping and you must understand that there are people who do not care much about your kindness. Not all people are ready to give what they receive from you, stay with the idea that you are a great human being, people do not owe you, you do it from the soul. That is the difference between you and the rest. Do not waste your energy and time in wanting to change the other, focus on what makes you feel good. Do not forget about yourself for pleasing the other.

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