Zodiac Signs

How She’ll React When You Take Too Long To Text Back, Based On Her Zodiac Sign In July And August 2022

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She’s going to delete your number.


She’s going to stare at the phone and jump at every notification.


She’s going to text one of the other people she’s interested in dating who actually answers her back within a reasonable amount of time.


She’s going to start doubting herself and wondering whether she did something wrong, something to make you lose interest in her.


She’s going to keep herself busy in order to distract herself from you.


She’s going to reread every text you sent beforehand and overanalyze what you were saying to her.

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She’s going to assume you’re busy and have a good excuse for not texting back right away.


She’s going to post a cute picture on Instagram and see if that changes your mind about ignoring her.


She’s going to wait double the amount of time you waited to text back after you finally answer.


She’s not going to notice how long it’s taking you to answer because she isn’t glued to her phone 24/7.


She’s going to rant to her friends about you and send screenshots of your previous conversation.


She’s going to send you a second text to push you to respond.

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