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These Are The Most Sentimental Zodiac Signs


It’s not a surprise to find you on this list, Pisces. You’re idealistic, a hopeless romantic, and drawn to those with strong emotions like yourself. Your creativity truly comes into play when it comes to your sentimental streak. You love to create art expressing how you feel to another person–and you swoon if they manage to do the same to you. You capture the essence of the love you share with another person, and it leaves an impression on others, but it also means just as much to you.


You’re incredibly sentimental, Cancer. Not just because you wear your heart on your sleeve and are transparent with your emotions–though that plays a part. You spend time taking care of others, so if anyone goes out of their way to take care of you, it strikes a chord. You have a soft spot for people who value family and friends over anything else and who show up to prove it.


You may have a tough exterior, but you’re sentimental to your core, Taurus. You love creating memories and buying things that you know your partner will cherish forever. You love to look back on old memories fondly. You want someone to prioritize you, and while you may act like you don’t need anything, you melt inside when someone does something romantic for you.


You’re not shy about your romantic hopes, Libra. You may be social and love meeting new people, but when you’ve found someone you have genuine feelings for, all of that attention and adoration becomes fixated. You want someone to sweep you off your feet and be unafraid of expressing their intentions–you are a sap for a romantic gesture.

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Like Taurus, you may appear cold and distant, but you have devoted and overwhelming feelings inside. You may not jump right off the bat and express your feelings to the person you love because you believe love takes time to grow. However, if your partner proves they’re paying attention and gets you a thoughtful gift or says something kind and vulnerable, you’re deeply touched. You want a happy ending just as much as anyone else.


Arguably the reigning champion of romantic gestures, you can be incredibly sentimental at times. You want to protect and express your love in significant ways, but you also want your partner to return the favor. You don’t want them to do something basic or generic–you just need them to put thought into it and mean it. When someone steps outside of their comfort zone to show what you mean to them, you can’t help but swoon. You know you’ll remember that moment for the rest of your life.

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