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Why Is He Sending Contradictory Signals, Decryption Based On His Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

An Aries man is quick at everything he does except pick the right girl.

He will pose as a guy who sends mixed signals because he won’t be sure what is good for him.

There will be several girls in his life and he won’t be able to decide which one is the best.

If you are having a hard time with an Aries man and you don’t know what he expects from you, just know that he is waiting for the right time to tell you if you are the one for him or not.

2. Taurus

This man is such a good actor! He’s crazy about you, but he pretends he doesn’t like you.

He’s all hot and cold and you never know what you really mean to him.

Just know that he’s doing all of this because he doesn’t want to sound like a weakling.

He doesn’t want his friends to laugh at him because he’s obsessed with you and that’s why he keeps his distance from you.

But don’t be nervous as this is just a defense mechanism. His heart is already yours!

3. Gemini

If he is Gemini, it will be easy for you to see why he is sending you mixed signals.

One day he wants one thing and the next day he wants something else. Keep in mind that this zodiac sign has two people in itself.

There’s one that says he wants one thing and the other that he wants something completely different.

Gemini doesn’t do this because he wants to make you walk, but because of his nature and character.

4. Cancer

If your Cancer man is sending mixed signals, know that it all depends on his day and his mood.

If he’s in a good mood, he’ll want to hang out with you, but if he doesn’t want to be social, that means he’s exhausted and wants to hang out on his own.

So, don’t be too hard on him because he’s very sensitive and emotional and would never hurt you on purpose.

5. Lion

Let’s be honest, this guy doesn’t even want to date you, he just wants to sleep with you.

That’s why he’ll act like he’s interested, but overall he’ll just want attention. He needs you to boost his ego.

He needs you to tell him that you need him to make him feel special.

Like a real king, he wants you to do all the work, but he doesn’t realize that it takes two to be able to waltz!

6. Virgo

A man born under this sign doesn’t know how to tell you that he loves you because he thinks he is going to act weird while doing so.

And even if you tell him that you love him too and want to be with him, he will over-analyze every moment you spend together.

He’ll always think he’s not good enough and that another guy will come and steal from you.

He can’t go all out because he’s terrified of loving you the way he does.

7. Balance

Oh Libra, Libra. It is no wonder that this sign is sending mixed signals to you because it is very difficult for it to make even the simplest day-to-day decisions.

A Libra man will weigh in if you are right for him and if you are compatible.

He will spend days or even weeks trying to get to know you just so he can decide if you are the right one.

His problem is that he thinks too much but doesn’t listen to his heart at all.

8. Scorpio

This man is really something! Even though men born under this sign are adventurous and energetic, they are surely not wedding material.

He will flirt with you and make you feel special, but he will do the same with another girl he crosses paths with.

He’s just trying to have romance, so if he can convince a girl that she’s the love of his life just to take advantage of her, he’ll be satisfied.

He wants to try as many women as possible because he wants to live his life to the fullest.

9. Sagittarius

The problem with this sign is that he wants to settle down and find a long-term mate, but he doesn’t think he’s ready to do it now.

He doesn’t want to go through all the issues that can arise in a relationship, so he prefers to stay single.

But that doesn’t stop him from flirting with you or having a romance with you if you’re into it. Let’s face it, he takes every opportunity to get laid. Without any attachment!

10. Capricorn

This poor man has been hurt too many times and to protect himself from the next heartbreak he keeps his distance from you.

He would like to get to know you better and even start a relationship with you, but he is afraid that you will be like his exes and that you will hurt him.

He’s prudent with good reason: you can’t say it’s mean. He’s just confused because he doesn’t know what’s good for him.

11. Aquarius

This guy is sending mixed signals because he would love to be with you, but only when he wants to.

He would like to have a puppet that would only be available when he needed love and affection.

He can’t commit because he doesn’t know how to function in a relationship.

In fact, he focuses more on his relationship with his friends than on you. That’s why he doesn’t want to go all out with you and he’ll never make you a priority.

Even his job will always be more important to him than you or any other girl.

12. Pisces

One thing is clear: this guy likes to play the victim so he tells you about his sad past and the story of the girl who disappointed him so much.

He just doesn’t have the courage to commit, but he has enough cowardice to let you go.

Be aware that he will always try to sell you a story like this, so if it works he will be more than satisfied.

But at least you know his true intentions, so be sure to cross him off your list.

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