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How To See Each Zodiac Sign Only From Your Point Of View

When it comes to astrology and zodiac signs, of course, each is unique in its own way. Someone may be optimistic, someone may be pessimistic. Or you are uncontrolled and another sign is having calm behavior. The interesting question with all of this is how do you see, take and understand each zodiac sign from your point of view only. Everyone’s perceptions are inevitably different, and that’s what makes it so exciting.

So, are you ready to dive deep into the way you and literally everyone else perceive their zodiac signs? That’s going to be fun!

Here’s how to get your own way of seeing each zodiac sign

1. Aries

Aries are known for being those fierce extroverts who look like they’re always getting plenty of exercise. Short of breath and dramatic to the point, you will naturally be drawn to people with the same characteristics.

How Aries sees the other zodiac signs:

Aries – Of course, I love me!
Taurus – Hm, hello? And goodbye!
Gemini – AYYYYY! *
Starts to blast a few moves together * CANCER – * Uninterested poker face *
Leo – My husband!
VIRGIN – Mhm-hm. No, just no.
Libra – this is my best friend!
Scorpio – Um, what?
Sagittarius – soul sister!
Capricorn – No.
Aquarius – Bitch – Yes.
Pisces – bitch no.


Well, the Taurus people are simple people. If you give them enough food, internet, and a comfortable couch, they will be eternally grateful to you. They like the simple things in life, and the last thing they want is to be dragged to some high voltage party.

How Taurus sees the other zodiac signs:

Aries: OMG STOP !!
Taurus: I understand you on a spiritual level.
Twins: Yikes!
CANCER: I love you.
Leo: I love you why so arrogant?
VIRGIN: Virgo: * Introduces herself in a wedding dress *
Libra: Just relax, brother.
SCORPIO: Scorpio: I like
Sagittarius: Everything is too much.
Capricorn: We are one.
AQUARIUS: Aquarius: * really confused *
Pisces: good friend.

3. Twins

Twin. Are you just a misunderstood sign, or are you actually always confused? Gemini love to talk and are always on the lookout for good conversation that is energetic and intellectual at the same time. They never sit in one place for too long, life is nothing more than a roller coaster ride for them.

How Gemini See the Other Zodiac Signs:

Aries: Hello you. Taurus: You are cool I think.
Twins: homie. * goes on to punch *
Cancer: Lol. Go cry somewhere else.
VIRGIN: I’m smarter, sorry.
Libra: LOVE.
SCORPIO: You are not scary.
Sagittarius: Actually, I really like you.
Capricorn: You are fine. I guess so.
AQUARIUS: You’re doing amazing, honey.
Pisces: Lol, no. Take care.


Ah, cancer. Cancers are emotional, and it’s not surprising that this is an understatement. Cancers are extreme and exceptionally emotional. No matter what you do or say to them, an emotional response is what you get. Cancers believe in peace, stillness, and, well, emotions.

How Cancer sees the other zodiac signs:

Aries: You gotta chill and spread love, buddy.
Taurus: You understand me like no other.
Gemini: You understand me like no other : Are you even interested in that For everything? Not at all?
CANCER: Homie.
Leo: I am a soft cinnamon bun. Please protect me
VIRGIN: You are nice.
Libra: Please talk to me.
Scorpio: stay away from me.
Sagittarius: Simply no.
Capricorn: Strangely attractive.
Aquarius: Hell no!
Pisces: Pisces: * Runs for a hug *

5. Leo

Leos love the spotlight, attention, praise, and literally everything else that revolves around them. They love to be the center of attention wherever they go and no matter what, they are always trying to be the most popular person. Angry little meatballs, they can be angry, and fiery if you mess with them too much.

How Leo sees the other zodiac signs:

Aries: soul mate.
Taurus: * Ignored *
Gemini: You are nice. You’re cool.
CANCER : Just stop the howling and whining!
b The best sign ever.
VIRGIN: Virgo: It doesn’t matter. Never will.
Libra: you’re oh-so-hot.
SCORPIO: Scorpio: * looks through her *
Sagittarius: Hey, buddy!
Capricorn: spoilsport.
Aquarius: You are my lobster: *
Pisces: Lol, no.


Because VIRGINES are disciplined and analytical to the last detail, they tend to mingle with people who are really the same. They don’t cope with change very well, and spontaneity is something they run away from. Overly critical to the core of themselves, they will find faults when there aren’t any.

How Virgo sees the other zodiac signs:

Aries: giant baby.
Taurus: You deserve my infinite love.
Gemini: Um … no.
Cancer: I will protect you.
Leo: What a show-off.
VIRGIN: You have to work harder and get better.
Libra: Just stop talking.
SCORPIO: You make me uneasy.
Sagittarius: Why are you more critical than me? Teach me.
Capricorn: Organized Club!
Aquarius: You confuse me.
Pisces: You are interesting.

7. Libra

Libras are generally unproblematic people who don’t like conflict or chaos. They like to live in their own bubble and rarely create problems for others. But if you goad them too much or provoke them, they’ll rain down on you in hellfire. Other than that, they’re pretty cool.

How Libra sees the other zodiac signs:

Aries: Yes buddy !!
Taurus: Why? No.
Gemini: Beast!
Cancer: Meh.
Leo: * Hooting in the audience *
Virgo: * Slowly she turns around and walks away. *
Libra: soul mate.
SCORPIO: Scorpio: * daydreams *
Sagittarius: Run into my arms, baby!
Capricorn: Goodbye.
AQUARIUS:   My bitch!
Pisces:   No.

8. Scorpio

The general consensus about SCORPIO is that they are always high during love and that is the only thing they think about. Not entirely untrue, but there’s more to it than just being horny. Scorpios are intelligent, curious, and good at seeing people for who they are.

How Scorpio sees the other zodiac signs:

Aries: You suck up.
Taurus: I love you.
Gemini: Get out of my sight!
CANCER: Let’s go to the bedroom, shall we?
Leo: Irritating AF.
Virgo: yes, yes and YES!
Libra: Never mind.
SCORPIO: I heard that you are the best of all.
Sagittarius: Yeh.
Capricorn: will you marry me?
AQUARIUS: I love you, but I hate you.
Pisces: Come on, let’s cuddle.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is eerily similar to Aries, and most of the time you will see them cuddled up with Aries. They are lively and dull, they do not mince their words and say everything as it is. And as you know, sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes not so much.

How Sagittarius sees the other zodiac signs:

Aries: Mine ride or die.
Taurus: Um …
Gemini: The Rachel to my Monica.
Cancer: cool, but crying too much.
Leo: Also my ride or die.
VIRGIN: I just don’t understand you.
Libra: you are delicious.
Scorpio: NO!
Sagittarius: The best.
Capricorn: You are really cool.
AQUARIUS: Twinning in matching outfits *
Pisces: Please, no.

10. Capricorn

Capricorns are famous for being organized, disciplined, and serious. It seldom arouses anything, and frankly, they get along well with that. As long as everything is kept clean, organized, and in a straight line, they’re cool.

How Capricorn sees the other zodiac signs:

Aries: Too loud, too hard. Goodbye.
Taurus: Let’s bottle our feelings together.
Gemini: ambivalent loser.
CANCER: Such a baby.
Leo: Selfish like the devil.
VIRGIN: Virgo: Don’t try to be me.
Libra: don’t talk to me.
SCORPIO: Don’t mess up my things.
Sagittarius: What a show-off.
Capricorn: You’re cool, aren’t you?
AQUARIUS: You don’t bother me.
Pisces: Stupid romantic.

11. Aquarius

AQUARIUS is one of the intellectual indicators of the group that is always trying to outsmart the other person with their knowledge and intelligence. Always looking for the next debate to grit your teeth in, they love telling people what to do, what not to do and how to and how not to do it.

How Aquarius sees the other zodiac signs:

Aries: I want you.
Taurus: I want you: get away from me.
Twins: Fake. But how, friends.
CANCER: You’re a fluffy baby.
Leo: …….
VIRGIN: I don’t think so, Mama.
Libra: Yes, take me now.
SCORPIO: Scorpio: Shit , no.
Sagittarius: Come to me, honey.
Capricorn: what should I say?
Aquarius: I love you so much.
Pisces: That’s not my thing.

12. Fish

The group’s daydreamers. The group’s hopeless romantics. They love love, and anything and everything that has to do with love. Fish can be offended very easily, and the next thing you will see them pout and pout in the corner of the room. They are cute, cuddly and soft, they are the human representation of a teddy bear.

This is how the zodiac sign Pisces sees the other zodiac signs:

Aries: Why are you so rude?
Taurus: I need a hug.
Gemini: I need a hug: FO.
CANCER: You are my baby.
Leo: You are too vain.
VIRGIN: Yes, please.
Libra: Um …
Scorpio: My heart beats for you only.
Sagittarius: Arrogant piece of shit.
Capricorn: Hold me, please.
AQUARIUS: Aquarius: Goodbye.
Pisces: Awwww …

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