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Why Scorpios Are The Sign Most Prone To Mood Disorders

Lucky me to have been born with a Virgo sun and a Scorpio moon. Your moon sign is what is in charge of your emotional realm and the sun is linked more with how you behave and appear to others.

I have met a lot of Scorpios in my own life, particularly within my family system, as well as having faced this treacherous combination of anxiety and depression with the Virgo Sun and the Scorpio moon in my own chart.

Scorpio is a water sign. Water signs are most prone to depression because they are very emotionally sensitive. Water is an element that is all about looking at the deeper emotional and subconscious currents in life that control our waking actions and behaviors.

Scorpios are like this: “still waters run deep.” They might appear to be very good-natured, happy, perhaps quiet, and they are often very practical. They tend to be highly efficient workers who are very good at getting things done.

Initially in life, they can have a lot of trouble getting in touch with their emotions because it is often their karma to be born into situations in which this behavior is not rewarded, and can even be viewed as “wrong.” When they do learn to tap into their emotions, it can be very scary for them because they have such a depth that is often not regarded as “normal” in our society. What is regarded as normal is not necessarily what truly is “normal,” as “normal” does not exist, but instead, what is dominant is what reigns.

Often Scorpios have faced trauma in their lives due to being considered abnormal, and it can impact their sense of stability in the world, which is something they very much crave. They can often find themselves in codependent relationships as a result of this desperate need to stabilize their naturally chaotic watery nature.

Scorpios are very loving and sweet but they can get hurt very easily. It can cause them to lash out at others or to self-sabotage. The fate of being a Scorpio is not an easy one but it is one that can be managed best when you understand your own nature and try to flow with the current of life rather than trying to make other people do what you want. Scorpios can have a controlling and rigid nature about them that may confuse others,—they might keep it to themselves or they may express it towards others they are close to— but it is just because they feel things so much more deeply and intensely than other people. They are also very practical and often do know how to get things done more efficiently than others.

When they try to turn that part of themselves off in order to fit into society, they can struggle with mood disorders such as bipolar, borderline personality disorder, and depression. They are often psychically and intuitively very gifted and can find themselves drawn towards the arts, drama, dance, and creative pursuits, as well as towards the occult.

In order to combat these mood swings and shifts that are so common in Scorpios, they need to be wise about who they are friends with, and often they have a tight-knit circle of people they can trust. When you betray their trust it is hard to get it back. They need stability— with a good solid housing situation and to follow a full schedule, in order to balance out their chaotic watery nature. They also need time to chill out, be alone, reflect, and flow with the currents of life. It is of utmost importance for Scorpios to express themselves artistically and creatively for them to be happy.

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