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Scorpio is one of the most sensitive of the Zodiac & Capricorn is one of the coldest in the Zodiac. Get to know others.

There are signs that are easily moved. It’s easy to see them with a tear in the corner of your eye. Scorpio is one of the most sensitive of the Zodiac. Get to know others.

Do you know those people who cry easily or get emotional as soon as a special song is played or a dramatic movie is shown? Probably the explanation is in the sign. There are, in fact, very sensitive and emotional signs, capable of shedding a tear for two situations: for everything or for nothing! These people also don’t like to be reprimanded and are easily offended.

In addition to the weight that education can have in this aspect, the sign can also interfere a lot in this issue of sensitivity and emotionality, with signs that, by nature, cry and get emotional. Do not believe? So, check if it’s not true.

Scorpio is one of the most sensitive of the Zodiac. Get to know others.


A sign full of sensitivity that they sulk if someone speaks harshly to them. It’s not a facade or an act, the natives of Caranguejo are really emotional and take everything they’re told to heart.

That’s why you really need to be careful with how you talk to the natives of this sign, as they can hurt even the most innocent word or phrase in the world. After an argument, the natives of Crab are truly fragile and only a lot of affection and affection can help them to recover.


Anyone who knows the Zodiac is not surprised to see Pisces on this list, is it? After all, this is one of the most sensitive signs in the Horoscope. They are easily hurt and, as a result, they cry and complain until they feel relieved.

The natives of Pisces often feel wronged and believe they have all the people against them. Dramatism aside, Pisces suffer a lot from arguments and, therefore, it is important not to leave them alone after a more intense conversation. Try to explain your point of view to them in a sweet and gentle way.


You might be surprised, as Scorpio natives are known to be strong and ruthless. However, much of this personality is a facade, and, inside, they hide under the guise of aggression, provocation, and black humor a lot of suffering.

Bad words spoken by a Scorpio are always a form of defense and not aggression. Therefore, the sensitivity of a Scorpio can manifest itself more in its abrupt gestures, than in tears or pouting. However, never doubt that behind that anger and anger there is a lot of emotion and hurt.


Capricorn is one of the coldest in the Zodiac. Get to know others.

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These signs are known for their calculating, distant and insensitive behavior. Capricorn is one of the coldest in the Zodiac. Get to know others.

The signs we present below are known to be cold and calculating in their behavior and attitudes. Generally, they use little emotion and feeling and let themselves be governed solely by reason.

When angry or angry, these signs do not hesitate to face those who attacked them and, without compassion, be vindictive and spiteful. It’s a case of saying be careful with them and avoid hurting their sensitivity and self-pride as much as possible. Find out more about these signs and see if yours is on the list.

Capricorn is one of the coldest in the Zodiac. Get to know others.


Capricorns are not usually very sentimental or emotional and tend to give priority to reason, especially in their relationships, where they try to protect themselves as much as possible so as not to get hurt.

Capricorns are, therefore, very lonely beings, who like to make decisions for themselves and solve their problems individually. Therefore, it is not expected that a native of this sign will share many feelings or emotions. Therefore, his cold and stiff posture is recurrent.


Aquarius natives are very rational and independent. This makes this a very cold and calculating sign, very focused on yourself and not so much on others. Despite being able to have sensitive gestures with others, this is not a common behavior pattern in Aquarius. Very individualistic and self-centered, the natives of Aquarius give primacy to reason over emotion.


Virgo natives are very organized and methodical, which can give them the appearance of somewhat cold and rational people. Although they are loyal and selfless, Virgins are very objective and direct in analyzing situations, which can give them a more calculating facet.


Gemini/Gemini people are a lot of fun and funny, but they have another more rational and reserved side that translates into a more nervous, calculating and cold posture. They are capable of being very tough and, in an argument, they don’t mince words.


Taurus natives tend to hide their feelings as they are quite suspicious. This makes them less affectionate and colder in their dealings with others. This is a way to protect yourself, especially in loving and intimate relationships.

From the moment they feel safe, Bulls are capable of becoming super affectionate and emotional, and they always touch the extremes, as at this point it is common for expressions of jealousy to appear.

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