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Find out which type of coat is best suited to your way of being. The opinion of the stars.

With the cold of recent days, many have already thought about taking advantage of the opportunity to buy a new coat or to freshen up what has not been used for a while. As for clothes and any other aspect related to people’s lives, the stars also affect the ability to feel comfortable with one garment rather than another and this is because often the clothes can somehow describe or say something about our personality. Today, therefore, after having seen what 2022 will be like and what finances will be like, we will try to understand which could be the most suitable coat for our way of being. And since we are talking, in fact, of ways of being and feeling, the advice is to also check the profile relating to your ascendant. Are you ready to find out what your next purchase could be?

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Here is which coat is best suited for you according to the stars

Aries – Something eye-catching

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Since you love to appear the most suitable garment for you is one that can get noticed. Better, therefore, a short down jacket, maybe golden or in any case able to shine. You can wear it on the coldest days without hiding your figure, thus showing off your legs or those trendy shoes that you have recently purchased and you particularly want to show off. Leopard prints or bright and almost fluorescent colors can be an alternative if the idea of ​​focusing everything on the light effect is not enough for you.

Taurus – A nice warm and cozy parka

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For you who love the classic and who are not afraid to wrap yourself in warm and soft scarves, a nice parka can be the ideal choice. Maybe a beautiful red or a midnight blue that can make you feel the winter atmosphere or in the most classic of blacks, perfect to combine with any dress you choose to wear. With such an overcoat you will always feel at ease and perfectly in line with your way of being.

Gemini- A short jacket to combine with ever-changing scarves

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Since your nature needs change, a short jacket can be an excellent choice to combine with flared skirts or trendy trousers. In this way, you can change your image every day thanks to warm and colorful scarves, hats and gloves combined. In this way you will always feel fashionable and eager to experiment with as many combinations as possible, so sure that you will never get bored.

Cancer – A pink coat

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For you who are romantic by nature, a pink coat is ideal for representing you, warming you up, and making you feel at ease at the same time. It will go perfectly with your daily outfit and give you that sweet air that suits you perfectly. In this way you can choose between the different clothes you have, focusing on tone-on-tone scarves to complete your look that will be impeccable, well-finished, and suitable for your way of being.

Leo – A short and tight jacket

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Since you love to always feel the center of attention and that showing off your figure is something that always makes you happy, a short and slim jacket is what suits you best. You can choose it in bright colors or with jewel details that can make it unique and make you look like a person who is always on the piece and able to talk about himself even through what he wears. Exactly what you like to do every morning when you open the closet looking for inspiration to look your best.

Virgo – A windbreaker

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For you who are always practical, the windbreaker is the ideal garment to wear during the winter. Able to shelter you from the wind, it will allow you to dress heavier underneath, guaranteeing you greater protection from both bad weather and drafts. Clothing that lends itself well to sportswear and the practical look that you tend to show off every day and that in some way also manages to describe you.

Libra – A long dark coat

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The type of coat that suits you best is a long dark one, perfect to wear over dresses as well as sweaters and trousers and which is always able to make you look elegant and tidy. The color can range from neutral to black as long as they are always very calm tones, suitable for your figure and your way of being. In this way, you can create your looks while also taking into account the overcoat and at the same time guaranteeing you all the warmth you need to cope with the coldest days.

Scorpio – A warm and soft coat

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When it comes to clothes for you the right choice always corresponds to a mix that includes comfort and elegance. While you always love to look neat and wear clothes that are pleasant to the touch and sight, you do not exclude the need to feel comfortable too. For this reason, a warm coat that knows how to combine design with softness is what suits you best and that you will surely love to the point of wearing it every day. Red, green and black is the colors you should focus on to feel at the top on every occasion.

Sagittarius – A nice trench

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What is better than a trench coat for someone who, like you, loves to always be innovative while remaining classic? The cut will also be perfect in case of travel, also accompanying you on trips. It will prove useful on rainy days and it will suit you that you are less cold than you say and that, among other things, you always love to show off what you wear. With a trench coat, you can take advantage of every moment of heat to take it off without being bulky or heavy to carry with you.

Capricorn – A comfortable jacket with many pockets

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When it comes to choosing a winter coat, what interests you most is its practicality. For this reason, the most suitable choice for you is that of a comfortable jacket that also has several pockets where you can store cards and accessories that you prefer to keep on rather than in your bag. Dark colors are the most suitable, especially if in shades of gray and brown. With a jacket that is not too long, you will also feel freer in your movements, while staying warm.

Aquarius – A comfortable warm duvet

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To you, who doesn’t care about the opinion of others, what interests you most is to be able to wear something comfortable and at the same time warm. So what is better than a practical duvet that can protect you from the cold even in very low temperatures? The colors can range from ice to red, even focusing on something that includes drawings. As you often do, the idea is to let yourself be guided by the heart, choosing the model you like best. This way you will be sure not to make a mistake.

Pisces – A coat with a romantic cut

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The most suitable garment for you? Surely a coat with a romantic cut, which knows how to keep you warm but which has a certain elegance able to enhance your style which has always been a mix between classic and romantic. The black color is probably the one that suits you best also in terms of practicality. It will be perfect to combine with any dress you choose to wear and can always be enlivened by light-colored scarves or foulards, perhaps in the same color as what you wear underneath or with shoes and a bag.

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