Zodiac Signs

What You Regret About Your Last Relationship, According To Your Zodiac Sign


Aries, you’re regretting yourself for worrying so much about what others think. You should never let them decide your value.


Taurus, you’re regretting yourself for not putting in more effort than they did. You shouldn’t have spent so much time on somebody who can not reciprocate.


Gemini, you’re regretting cutting yourself short. You should’ve recognized how valuable you were and increased your expectations accordingly.


Cancer, you’re regretting yourself for being so silent. You didn’t stand up for yourself and let them go over your head.


Leo, you’re regretting that you didn’t believe your instincts. You had felt something wasn’t right, but you disregarded it.


Virgo, you’re regretting you chose them before you. You must have prioritized yourself at all times.


Libra, you’re regretting allowing them to have an influence on your mental health. You should have not put your own pleasure on hold in order to appease others.


Scorpio, you’re regretting yourself for giving them so much power. You must have recognized that your viewpoint was equally as important as theirs.


Sagittarius, you’ll end up regretting sobbing in private. You must’ve told them how much they were causing you pain.


Capricorn, you are remorseful for leaving essential words unanswered. Whenever you got the opportunity, you should have spoken up.


You’re regretting yourself for settling. You must’ve understood you’re worth a lot more than half of their hearts.


You’re regretting yourself for acting as if everything was OK. Rather than playing politely, you must have expressed your dissatisfaction.

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