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Real Trendsetters And Fashionistas Are Behind These Zodiac Signs

Your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about your personality and style. Some zodiac signs are real trendsetters. We’ll tell you who is a real fashionista from an astrological point of view.

Some simply have it more than others: a nose for upcoming trends. A trendsetter already knows before anyone else what will prevail in terms of fashion, culture, and technology and sets the tone. Some zodiac signs are said to have a particularly strong sense of emerging trends. We’ll tell you which zodiac signs are way ahead in terms of fashion and why that is so.


You can say a lot about your zodiac sign, but above all, it stands for independence and an extra dose of sensitivity: both positive characteristics to strike a new note.

You are not afraid to try yourself out and catch curious glances in the process. So it happens that many see you as a fashion-conscious woman and even ask for advice. And they are exactly at the right address with you: Because your empathetic nature allows you to approach people well, but at the same time convey strength and a sense of future trends.


Your zodiac sign is determined, disciplined, and also particularly self-confident and courageous. A cocktail of positive qualities that will help you recognize upcoming trends. You like to set the tone and also like to go the unconventional way.

As a trendsetter, you are passionate about your style and that will convince your fellow men in the long run. You are the fashion-conscious woman with assertiveness who knows what suits her and what she likes.


Neat, thorough, and honest   this is what your zodiac sign stands for. You have a great sense of fine, unexcited aesthetics and you won’t let yourself be put off. For years you have been observing top stylists in their work and pulling out what suits you.

People around you particularly appreciate your good instinct for trends, which you can casually throw into the room without being obtrusive. Simply a fashion-conscious woman who knows what she wants and is an expert at the same time.


Your zodiac sign stands for cosmopolitanism   and that best describes your sense of fashion. You are inspired by what you see, and it is not difficult for you to give it your own twist. Typical trendsetter!

Due to your optimistic yet direct manner, you also have a knack for advising your fellow human beings well and honestly. Your own style is a mix of different cultural influences and that makes each of your appearances so special.


Fish are often in the fire for their sensitive and sometimes not very easy nature. But it is precisely this sensitivity that promotes your sense of creativity and your eye for uniqueness. Both are positive qualities that a trendsetter should bring along.

Your gaze is so open to unexpected, interesting influences that you can’t help but open yourself to the new. That also makes you the fashion-conscious woman you are: calm with an eye for detail. Sensitive enough not to be obtrusive, but loved and valued by connoisseurs.

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